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Burned-out nurses linked to more infections in patients

Burned-out nurses linked to more infections in patients By JoNel Aleccia, NBC News July 30, 2012, 3:49 pm Getty Images stock Adding extra patients to nurses' already heavy loads, or logging more nurses with high levels of burnout was tied to an increase in two kinds of hospital-acquired infections. Heavy patient loads and chronic burnout have long been among the top complaints of nurses at the nation’s hospital bedsides. But a new study shows that those problems affect not only the nurses themselves, but also the number of infections in the people they care for. For every extra patient added to a nurse’s workload, there was roughly one additional hospital-acquired infection logged per 1,000 patients, according to researchers from the Center for Health Outcomes and Policy Research at the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing. For each 10 percent jump in the proportion of nurses who logged high levels of burnout, there was roughly one additional catheter-associat…

Sierra Leone at the 2012 Summer Olympic Games

Earlier today, at exactly 2226 GMT Sierra Leone's track and field star Ola Isata Sesay entered the Olympic Stadium leading a two man team in the 2012 parade, proudly bearing the flag of Sierra Leone. Smiling, waving, and appearing a model of Sierra Leone beauty, she made the Sierra Leoneans in the crowd go wild with euphoria and pure unadulterated joy.

Sierra Leone was only able to send two athletes to the 2012 summer Olympic games in East London, in spite of the fact that US Athletic sensations Jeneba Tarmoh and Ibrahim Kabia (Juice) and many other popular athletes in the USA are all descended from the diamond rich West African country.

Sierra Leone is being represented at the 2012 East London Summer Olympic games by 200 meter sprinter Ibrahim Turay and long jumper Ola Isata Sesay. Both athletes were accommodated by the British town of Hastings in respect of the twinning arrangement between the town and the Freetown suburb of Hastings in Sierra Leone.

Sierra Leone has never won …

Hindolo Sumanguru Trye Dies in Sierra Leone.

Hindolo Sumanguru TryeBreaking news reaching the Segbwema blog from Sierra Leone is that the former student activist, NPRC minister and current Sierra Leone Minister of Labour and Employment, Mr.Hindolo Sumanguru Trye died  this morning in a hospital in the Sierra Leone capital Freetown.This is breaking news and the Segbwema blog correspondent will continue to follow the story. It can be recalled that Hindolo Trye  was a major thorn in the flesh of the Siaka Stevens led APC government of the late seventies when he was a student leader at Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone.
Hindolo Trye lived in exile in America during the late 70s to the 90s and returned home to Sierra Leone to give intellectual support and political legitimacy to the NPRC coup of 1992 that chased then president Joseph Saidu Momoh into exile and obscurity. Addressing a group of student at the Fourah Bay College amphitheater just some days after the NPRC coup in 1992, Hindolo Trye vowed that they would rathe…

Sierra Leone's Attitudinal Embarrassment

International Master of Disguise The Vice President of Sierra Leone Sam Sumana, who was last year  caught on camera soliciting bribes by investigative journalists from the Arab satellite news network Al Jazeera in a sting operation that caused considerable embarrassment for the country, has again become embroiled in another international scandal and it seems that this time round he has done it to the wrong person. Sam Sumana stands accused of defrauding hundreds of thousands of dollars from Minneapolis/Saint Paul business magnate Dave Kloeber, a young self made American Millionaire, doing so through misrepresentations and false business practices.
Dave Nash Kloeber Jr.
David Nash Kloeber Jr, is the founder and president of DNK Management Inc. in Saint Paul, which is coincidentally the city of residence of the Segbwema Blogger. DNK management is a holding company that owns and manages many companies in USA, including thrifts stores, two golf courses and JetChoice LLC, a private airline …

Ghanian President's Sudden Demise

John Atta Mills died on Tuesday at a military hospital, according to Information Minister Fritz Baffour. He was 68. A statement from President's office said: "It is with a heavy heart...that we announce the sudden and untimely death of the President of the Republic of Ghana." Chief of Staff of the Presidency Henry Martey Newman said that the 68-year-old President died at 37 Military Hospital in Accra after being rushed there when his health deteriorated. Newman gave no details about the cause of Atta Mills' death. Mills, 68, was inaugurated in January 2009. He returned home on June 25 from the US where he had undergone gone a medical check-up. Mills ran three times for president before being elected in the closest vote in the country's history on a platform vowing to reform the West African country. Information Minister Baffour also declined to elaborate. "Yes, I can confirm (his death), but I can't say more," he said. The President celebrated his 6…

Don't Humiliate This Man Any further

Ex-Ambassador John Leigh has been very active in his retirement; well at least on Facebook. As Chairman of the SLPP wing of the APC, John Leigh has had a hard time convincing some APC folks that he is genuinely interested in their party and has not just joined them because of anger at his defeat for the SLPP flagbearership by Julius Maada Bio, his rejection as a potential running mate, his search for a job to replenish his repleted retirement savings and simple political opportunism.

Of all the other members of the SLPP wing of the APC, John Leigh has been the most vocal in condemning SLPP because he was particularly nasty in his condemnation of APC when he still maintained the fantasy of leading the main opposition SLPP. John Leigh then accused APC of being rapists, morons, charlatans, traitors and murderers and the SLPP opposition has the tapes and forum records to prove it. So the only way Pa Leigh is going to convince APC folks that he is genuine is to become twice as abusive to …

Encouraging The Vote: Sierra Leone Style

Thousands of Sierra Leoneans in the diaspora who are still enthralled at the fact of democracy in their native country traveled last year to the country to register in order to vote in the forthcoming 2012 Presidential and Legislative elections. Those who were unable to register to vote are planning to go to the country in their thousands to help their respective campaigns and parties turn out the vote and make the election a festive affair, as was the case under President Ahmed Tejan Kabbah,  rather than one characterized by violence and strife, as has been promised by Interior Minister Tarawallie.

The All People's Congress led government of President Ernest Bai Koroma has decided to encourage diaspora participation in the election by imposing a new $24.00 security fee at the airport. No individual, regardless of what passport you hold, will be able to get on any plane out of Sierra Leone without the payment of the twenty four dollars. It has to be in dollars, the Leone equivale…

The Moratorium on Political Blogging

The Segbwema Blog has maintained a week's moratorium on Sierra Leone political blogging as an act of respect to the country's President Ernest Bai Koroma over the sad incidence of the death of his beloved mother Madame Alice Rosaline Koroma.

Many of my Makeni friends who happened to have met her while they were growing up describe her as a very loving, generous and kind human being who extended affinity to all. They described her as a teacher who was tolerant of everyone, regardless of their background or identity.

The blog joins the millions of Sierra Leoneans who have sent sincere condolences to the family at the event of such a monumental loss. May God grant her peace and quiet in the life hereafter and may some of her tolerance find a way to rub off on her offspring so that together we can all move as a nation of equals and one people, rather than a nation crippled by parochial divisions. At times like this we are reminded of our humanity and of the fact that we are but m…

The Coat Is Not The Man

Wesley Secondary School Segbwema I once had a teacher in Wesley Secondary School,Segbwema called Mr. J. B. Fobay. If my memory serves me right, he taught English. I heard he is now retired and is a big man in Njaluahun Chiefdom politics. I never knew what J. B. stood for and never asked. People may ask why I never bothered to know my teacher's real name. The answer is simple; educated men from my area just love to be addressed by their initials. It could be a Segbwema or Njaluahun thing. Educated women are always addressed by their full names; Mamie Aruna, Betty Kallay, Massah Kanneh, Nguanya Konuwa-Massaquoi, etc. Men from that area just have a fondness for their initials. Segbwema people will easily recognize the following people, JOB, JTJ, KPG, SJB, JB Fobay, IK, etc. Now that I come to think of it, most of the people with fondness for their initials from Segbwema seem to have an affiliation with Wesley Secondary School,it could be a Wesley thing, I do not know, but it stimulate…

Maada Bio Addresses The People And His Detractors

On Monday Rtd. Brigadier Julius Maada Bio the flagbearer of the opposition Sierra Leone People's party was given a magnificient welcome back to the capital city Freetown after spending some weeks canvassing support for his party and his candidacy in the United Kingdom, Holland, Germany and Belgium, and after receiving a special invitation to speak at the International Economic Forum of Americas conference in Montreal Canada, where he delivered a speech on the global imperative for poverty reduction, job creation and democratic governance in West Africa and the  implications for the geopolitical realities of the world energy situation. 

While Maada Bio was busy talking about job creation and good governance in Canada, the police in his country under the leadership of the interior minister Musa Tarawallie were busy making making the country's youths target practice for the massive arms and ammunition they had bought early this year, while the majority of the people were starving…