Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tegloma 2009 Federation Elections Vol 2

The 2009 Tegloma Federation elections saw two formidable ladies in the persons of Mrs. Elizabeth Samai of the Toronto Chapter and Mrs. Rebecca Johnson of the Minnesota Chapter slug it out for the position of vice chair. Both candidates had strong campaign machineries and the campaigns were mostly positive. At the end of the Contest Rebecca Johnson was elected. Elizabeth Samai, in sisterly fashion, congratulated her opponent and promised to work with the new executive to forge a new direction for the Tegloma Federation.
The Minnesota Chapter congratulates Mrs. Rebecca Johnson and hope she will work as hard as she campaigned.

Tegloma 2009 Federation Elections Pictures Vol1

Though there was only one contested position at this year's convention, the atmosphere was festive and the competition keen, as each of the ladies vying for the position of Federation Vice Chair were formidable candidates with impressive resumes. Here are some of the election pictures.

Tegloma-Aloysious Foh's Administration Steps Down.

After having served as Chairman of the Tegloma federation for two consecutive terms, Aloysious M. Foh formally handed over the Staff of Office to Alhaji Mustapha Mansaray, the Chairman of the Federation Board of Directors on Sunday, September 6th, 2009 at the Russell Auditorium in Dorchester, Massachusetts.

At the well attended ceremony, chairman Foh allowed every member of his outgoing administration to express their appreciation to the general membership. He then went on to express his appreciation to all those present for the opportunity he was given to serve the organization in the capacity of Federation chair, stating that the experience has made him a better person. He professed love for those who had worked with him and professed equal love for those with whom he was not able to agree with. At the end of his speech the delegates present expressed their appreciation by carrying him shoulder high around the auditorium accompanied by traditional Sierra Leonean singing.

Tegloma 2009 Annual Convention Boston MA-USA

The 2009 Annual convention of Tegloma Federation International was held in Boston, Massachusetts from September 4th to September 6th 2009. This was a particularly important convention as it was meant to usher in a new executive and new direction for Tegloma Federation, the largest non-political, cultural and philanthropic organization of Sierra Leoneans in the diaspora.
There was a meeting of the Tegloma Federation Board of Directors on Friday, followed by the customary introduction of Delegates from all the constituent chapters that make up the federation.
Saturday was the convention day. There were reports from the heads of all the Tegloma Chapters present, followed by deliberations about past projects and future strategies for obtaining the goals of the organization. On Saturday Night there was the annual Tegloma ball where delegates were entertained to performances by Steady Bongo, Vicky Fornah, Big Joe and Lady Felicia. After the ball, most of the delegates went back to the Ramada Hotel on 800 Morrissey to prepare for the Federation executive elections on Sunday.

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