Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tegloma Internatonal Federation Convention

The just concluded Tegloma Federation international convention, held over the weekend in Chicago drew participants from all over the United States of America and Sierra Leone.

The convention activities started on Friday with a meeting of The Federation Board. Later at night the delegates from the various chapters were introduced by their chiefs and chapter developments over the course of the year were outlined. The introductions took most of the night and most delegates were grateful to finally retire after a day of travel and meetings.

The next day, Saturday, kicked of the Federation meeting. The meeting was officially launched by a representative of the Mayor of Chicago, after a hearty breakfast had been served by the Chicago hosts. The keynote speaker was Dr. Patrick Muana who focused on projects that Tegloma would undertake in Sierra Leone to increase the Associations impact in the country. As a young veteran educator, he emphasized educational ventures that would help address some of the needs of that sector in Sierra Leone. He also wanted Tegloma to engage in the provision of micro credit to facilitate income generation at the grassroot level. The details of his address would, I believe,be published on the Federation website, which he promised to launch as soon as possible.

A variety of issues were also touched upon, some of which will be communicated in due course. It is important for all to note however, that Tegloma in the near future intends to expand and institutionalize sustainable charitable ventures aimed at alleviating, to some appreciable degree, the massive poverty that has become endemic in Sierra Leone over the past 30 years.

The meeting was presided over by the Federation Board Chairman, Alhaji Mustapha and the Federation, President Aloysius Foh. The Chicago chapter, with Reverend Titus Ngebeh as the chief were good hosts and most of the delegates were generally satisfied and happy that the convention had been a success and well attended in this era of high gas prices and general inflationary trends. Some of the pictures I took during the convention are published for your perusal.

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