Wednesday, February 17, 2010

More New Faace Entertainment Valentine Pictures

More Newfaace Entertainment Valentine's Day pictures will be published when they are made available. Here are some more I took with my cellphone cam.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Newfaace Entertainment's First Valentine Bash

Dennis led Newfaace Entertainment, a collection of entertainers with roots mostly in Sierra Leone and Liberia, had an impressive first annual valentine day party on Saturday February 13th 2010 in Minnesota. The organization of the event was commendable and the love in the air was metallic strong. Julia Tucker BA, LPN, gave a wonderful presentation on love which went down well with the audience and the Newfaace crew delivered a talent filled performance. Daniel Kenewa a talented and very educated young Sierra Leonean was extremely impressive as the Master of ceremonies.

Tegloma Minnesota Chapter was fully represented by the entire executive and most of the members. Of course my honorable self, the Segbwema Blogger, was there with my cellphone camera and managed to get some pictures. Wish I had brought my real Camera!!!

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