Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hindolo Sumanguru Trye Dies in Sierra Leone.

Hindolo Sumanguru Trye

Breaking news reaching the Segbwema blog from Sierra Leone is that the former student activist, NPRC minister and current Sierra Leone Minister of Labour and Employment, Mr.Hindolo Sumanguru Trye died  this morning in a hospital in the Sierra Leone capital Freetown.

This is breaking news and the Segbwema blog correspondent will continue to follow the story. It can be recalled that Hindolo Trye  was a major thorn in the flesh of the Siaka Stevens led APC government of the late seventies when he was a student leader at Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone.

Hindolo Trye lived in exile in America during the late 70s to the 90s and returned home to Sierra Leone to give intellectual support and political legitimacy to the NPRC coup of 1992 that chased then president Joseph Saidu Momoh into exile and obscurity. Addressing a group of student at the Fourah Bay College amphitheater just some days after the NPRC coup in 1992, Hindolo Trye vowed that they would rather burn the capital Freetown and flatten it to the ground than have APC in power again. 
Hindolo Trye
As both a minister in the NPRC government and the current APC, Hindolo has kept a low key profile over the years that was a far cry from his firebrand rhetoric of his student years. Of late the minister has been looking pale and gaunt for someone his age and there have been stories of his declining health.

The Segbwema blog joins his family and the people of Sierra Leone to mourn his loss.

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As it customary of any African Child, May Hindolo's soul rest in peace. Nevertheless, I am baffled and dumbfounded by the spate of deaths within the APC inner circle or caucus. Something is wrong somewhere. Are all theses signs of the times. From my perspective, God, The Almighty knows best.

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