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Sierra Leone's Attitudinal Embarrassment

International Master of Disguise
The Vice President of Sierra Leone Sam Sumana, who was last year  caught on camera soliciting bribes by investigative journalists from the Arab satellite news network Al Jazeera in a sting operation that caused considerable embarrassment for the country, has again become embroiled in another international scandal and it seems that this time round he has done it to the wrong person. Sam Sumana stands accused of defrauding hundreds of thousands of dollars from Minneapolis/Saint Paul business magnate Dave Kloeber, a young self made American Millionaire, doing so through misrepresentations and false business practices.
Dave Nash Kloeber Jr.
David Nash Kloeber Jr, is the founder and president of DNK Management Inc. in Saint Paul, which is coincidentally the city of residence of the Segbwema Blogger. DNK management is a holding company that owns and manages many companies in USA, including thrifts stores, two golf courses and JetChoice LLC, a private airline company that sells blocks of time on a fleet of Falcon jets.

Dave Kloeber manages over 45 corporations around the world with annual revenues of close to two hundred million dollars. Those Sierra Leoneans living in Minnesota would know of the Unique Thrifts Stores where most new immigrants go to buy valuable second hand items. The unique thrift stores are some of the businesses run by Dave Kloeber
Dave Donating Hundred Thousand to Philanthropy
Dave Kloeber is a self made man. He still remembers 1972 when he was just 11 years old and already working on collection trucks for a thrift business in Denver. His family was poor. He used to wake up at 5.30 am in the cold morning and walk two miles to the store to offload trucks. He did not regard his family that time as poor, because everybody in the neighborhood where he grew up was poor and as long as they had food, they were happy. Those days he was willing to do anything to make money. His father was a retail worker who moved around the country working with struggling retail businesses and though Dave was born in California, before he graduated from High school he had lived in Missouri, Colorado, Texas and Arizona. He had a very independent streak while growing up and in the last year of high school, he lived in his car because his mother told him that as long as he was in his house he had to abide by her rules.

When Dave was in high school he used to work 60 to 70 hours a week doing various chores to make ends meet. At various times he worked in a meat market, worked on cars, and loaded thrift trucks, and worked hard enough to buy his own car while still in high school.

After graduating fron high school, Dave went to work for the family owned thrift store chain that hired him when he was just 11 years old instead of going to college. He worked 16 hours a day from Monday to Saturday, leaving no time for fun or leisure. He travelled all around the country from one business outlet to the other, troubleshooting problems.Dave was so focused, devoted and hardworking that the owner of the thrift store chain decided to give him a management contract for a store in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1984. By 1988 he had saved enough money to open his own thrift store in St. Louis Missouri and as they say, the rest is history. Slowly and steadily Dave Kloeber kept adding store after store to his business until he became a major retail entrepreneur in USA. Today, Dave is one of the youngest self  made millionaires in Minnesota who has a love for helping hardworking poor people with big dreams.  Which is exactly how he met Sierra Leones current Vice President Sam Sumana in the early 2000s. Sam  was then a parking lot attendant in Minnesota with big dreams of going back to his fatherland and investing in the exploitation of the country's diamonds.
Giving to the Needy
Dave is incredibly accessible for a millionaire. After the war in Sierra Leone he happened to befriend a young African park attendant called Sam Sumana. Sam told Dave about the poverty and diamonds in Sierra Leone and told the businessman that his dream was to go back to Sierra Leone and start a business with the intention of helping the local people. Given the suffering in Sierra Leone at the time Dave,  was reminded of his own humble days and seeing this as a legitimate business opportunity, he decided to help Sam Sumana realize his dreams as it would be a worthwhile venture, but more importantly it would be a business that would provide sustenance to the poor, which has always been the focus of most of Dave's businesses.

Dave decided that he would not just give small money to Sam Sumana to go and buy diamonds and bring to sell, but he would invest in heavy machinery and set up an African Mining company that would help employ the locals. He invested $740,000.00 in heavy equipment and gave $300,00.00 in used clothing as a loan to the company for Sam to sell to finance the day to day operations of the business. This was a loan that was expected to be paid back. Sam had graduated from Metro State University with a degree in business management and Dave had been convinced that he had the acumen and will power to run the business. Mark Heiligman who had introduced Sam to the businessman was the point man to coordinate the activities of the diamond business as Dave was too busy with his other businesses to get intimately involved in the Sierra Leone operation. So the United Diamond Mining Company with headquarters in Minneapolis Minnesota was born, in good faith, by hardworking businessmen from humble origins willing to help a fellow human help his people out of destitution and poverty. Sam Sumana's race or color did not matter to the businessman who has spent hundreds of thousands of his money over the years in direct help to poor communities in USA. Little did they know that Sam Sumana was not what they expected him to be, but a mere crook with big dreams.
Dave Giving One Hundred Thousand to Poor Communities
When Sam was settled in Sierra Leone, he suddenly ceased communications with his Minneapolis partners who had already invested so much in his dreams. When they contacted his wife who was Working as a nursing assistant at St. Therese, a nursing home in New Hope Minneapolis, she told the businessmen that her husband was also not communicating with her and she did not know what had become of him. The business men were sympathetic and even began helping the family. Sometime passed and it was heard that Sam Sumana was leasing the equipment for road construction. It was at the time that he called again and asked for more funds for daily operation. They responded by sending the used clothes to sell, making it explicit to him that it was a loan to the company. The clothes were valued at 300 thousand dollars. Sam Sumana again ceased communications until news went around that he was now the vice presidential candidate for opposition APC party in Sierra leone. He had apparently used the money to buy the Vice Presidential slot,as the then  APC pilitical party was highly strapped for cash in 2007. 

When the 2007 elections went into a runoff Sam Sumana once again turned to his cash cows seeking a loan for 34000 dollars for the APC. The investors reluctantly agreed as they could see the potential of the position for their business if their man became vice president, but had already lost hope in him. When the money got to Freetown, Ernest Koroma or someone claiming to be him called the businessmen, thanking them profusely. 

However Sam Sumana's new position did not in anyway help the businessmen get back their monies, as he was now very hard to get. A former  parking lot attendant who was now an important "big man". Around 2010, the businessmen attempted to contact EBK directly threatening to reveal the VPs thieving ways, causing Sam Sumana to write them a check for twenty thousand dollars, end of story. All honest attempts to get the money have been futile and the businessmen have decided to use their considerable influence in US to make the world a miserable place for Sam Sumana. There are currently plans in motion to seek redress through the US legal system. If Sam Sumana does not pay, the plan is to have him arrested like a common criminal anytime he sets foot in America. Plans are also in the works to publicize the VPs criminal tendencies to the international investment community, which will be a big blow to a nation so baly in need of foreign investment to resuscitate the struggling economy. A website is being set up to expose the Vice President of Sierra Leone as a petty crook.
The Envy of Nigerian 419ers VP Sam Sumana
Sam's only indirect response to these allegations is to once again call on his stooge Sylvia Blyden to go on social media and insult Mark Heiligman, calling him "Mark The Clown", just as she destroyed or attempted to destroy the reputation of Sorious Samura of Al Jazeera.  Dave Koeler states that he is an honest businessman who got his money through hard work, personal sacrifice and dedication. He is not ready to have anybody play him for a clown or a fool. He invested in Sierra Leone as a honest business decision, not because he was a fool. He is determined that Sam Sumana will pay hell if he thinks that a vice presidential position in Sierra Leone will somehow allow him to defraud him and go scot free.

Sam Sumana's embarrassing criminal tendency is once again a substantial blow to a government that has been embroiled in one scandal after another since they gained power in 2007. From involvement in the West African cocaine trade, to illegal logging, bribery and now downright thieving, the attitudinal change mantra and rebranding effort of the government is proving to be mere window dressing, a juvenile political farce of monumental proportions.

The only advice that will be good for the Freetown criminal cabal is to easily pay the money and hope that this terrible breaking news just goes away with time. Sam Sumana's activities have always been questionable. From buying an expensive home in America barely months after coming to the presidency to the Aljazeera scandal to the current one, the Vice president is not only a liability to his APC party, but a deep embarrassment to all of us Sierra Lonens who have to refer to him as our vice president. If Joseph Saidu Momoh were alive today, he would love Sam Sumana, as the current vice president's legacy of a master of international intrigue is now extending beyond state borders, a feat that even Momoh was never able to achieve.

A new website is about to be launched by the businessmen to educate the world about the crimes of Sam Sumana. It can be accessed at http://justiceforsierraleone.us/

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