Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Moratorium on Political Blogging

Mrs Alice Rosaline Koroma
The Segbwema Blog has maintained a week's moratorium on Sierra Leone political blogging as an act of respect to the country's President Ernest Bai Koroma over the sad incidence of the death of his beloved mother Madame Alice Rosaline Koroma.

Many of my Makeni friends who happened to have met her while they were growing up describe her as a very loving, generous and kind human being who extended affinity to all. They described her as a teacher who was tolerant of everyone, regardless of their background or identity.

The blog joins the millions of Sierra Leoneans who have sent sincere condolences to the family at the event of such a monumental loss. May God grant her peace and quiet in the life hereafter and may some of her tolerance find a way to rub off on her offspring so that together we can all move as a nation of equals and one people, rather than a nation crippled by parochial divisions. At times like this we are reminded of our humanity and of the fact that we are but mere players in this turbulent world who will one day exit the stage, each of us; high or low, young or old, strong or weak. May the angels of God Almighty keep watch over her gentle soul. Amen

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