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Kadie Sesay Lays Out The Stark Choices Facing The People Of Sierra Leone

The Presidential candidate of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party Rtd Julius Maada Bio was given a rapturous welcome this morning in Freetown the capital of Sierra Leone, with thousands of people accompanying his motorcade to the party headquarters where he was due to address party loyalists and the people of Sierra Leone after his extremely successful tour of Europe that has injected the party with a major infusion of international funds, and during which he made a brief diplomatic stop in Canada to talk about proper governance on the African continent.

Former Revolutionary United Front (RUF) advocate Sylvia O. Blyden who currently says she is neither APC nor SLPP because President Koroma is not listening to her advice,  wanted to pour rain on Maada Bio's parade this morning in her propaganda mouthpiece by claiming that he had snuck into UK and came back into Sierra Leone via Lungi Airport instead of Guinea as he had promised. The fact that Soldiers deliberately mislead rebels did no…

Sierra Leone Health Minister Bags Top UN Assignment

One of Sierra Leone's foremost human rights activists, the Health and Sanitation Minister Ms. Zainab Hawa Bangura, one of the few current  government ministers with a demonstrated commitment to the welfare of the Sierra Leone people as a whole and a real national patriot,  a woman who stood up to and talked against notorious Sierra Leone warmonger, the Late Cpl. Foday Saybana Sankoh, has been appointed by the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon as a United Nations Special Representative on Sexual Violence in Conflict at the level of Under Secretary General, the highest position below the Secretary general himself.

Ms Bangura does not come to the job without the requisite experience. She had extensive on the ground experience when she was in charge of the civilian aspects of the United Nations peacekeeping mission in Liberia (UNMIL). In Liberia she was tasked with promoting capacity building in government institutions and encouraging local communities to engage in reconciliation and …

Sylvia Fooling Blyden

Sometimes people can be their own worst enemies,  and when they are as egotistical as Sylvia O. Blyden, they blame the whole world for their own problems, but never look at themselves. In one of her recent senseless rants full of unnecessary self adulation, self pity and frustration, she went on and on yesterday complaining and whining about how everybody in Sierra Leone seems to be against her. According to her, the president's media strategy was wrong, she had the best strategy, but no one was listening to her and she was probably waiting for November to tell President Koroma,  "I told you so!"

She complains that Sierra Leone Peoples Party and their journalists are insulting her parents. She cries that even though APC's  Kabs Kanu had used bad words on her in the past for defending Christiana Thorpe who she had happened to defend when the good Reverend had rained sexual insults on the poor electoral commissioner, Kabbs Kanu had eventually seen his evil ways and ap…

The Ignorant Shepherd Boy

The Ignorant Shepherd Boy

The whole village of Nyandeyama, near Komende Station in Nongowa chiefdom was up in arms! A herd of deer had been wrecking havoc on the rice fields for three months, attracted by the succulent stalk of newly seeded rice. The Nyandeyama village economy depended on three things; coffee, cocoa and rice, in order of importance. Nyandeyama diamonds, occasionally found in swamps, were small gemstones that were usually not worth the effort to mine, so farming was the way of life, the culture, the tradition and all activities in the village were carefully planned around the farming season.  Nyandeyama farms
While the eastern city of Kenema planned activities around the rainy season, dry season and harmattan, the people of Nyandeyama, the village of the Segbwema blogger, meticulously planned all social events around the harvesting and cultivation of rice, cocoa and coffee. So when the herd of deer decided to wreck mayhem in the rice fields of Nyandeyama, the pe…

Sierra Leonean Bags Top Accounting Award

Mustapha Wai, an excellent Sierra Leone born certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Certified Global Management Accountant (CGMA), a quiet and unassuming African intellectual, has just been awarded the Emerging Leader of Excellence Award by the United States Association of Government Accountants (AGA).

This outstanding annual honor is given by the AGA in recognition of a substantial contribution(s) by a government financial manager toward the profession and practice of financial management.

Mustapha who migrated from Sierra Leone to America in search of better educational opportunities in the 90s, obtained his Bachelor of Science (BS) from the American University in 2001. While at the American University, Mustapha's academic excellence was soon spotted and he was employed as a supplemental accounting instructor for financial and managerial accounting. At American University, Mustapha was given the distinguished American University Kogod School of Business Trailblazer Award, an awar…

When Angel Koroma Was A Devil

Young politicians in Sierra Leone like to accuse the old ones of treachery, deception, betrayal and lies and vow that when they have the chance they will do different.

One of the latest Sierra Leone Peoples Party flagbearers to join APC and currently sing the praises of President Ernest Koroma was singing a very different tune just a year ago. Before I say anything, I would like the world to listen to Major Ishmael Sengu Koroma himself.

Mohamed and Isata's Wedding

Mr and Mrs. Songa Saturday June 16, 2012 was a special day in the lives of Mr. Mohamed Songa and Ms. Isata Bangura as they decided to make the ultimate commitment and become man and wife. 
Chief Abdul Songa
Both Isata Bangura and Mohamed Songa are long time members of Tegloma Minnesota Chapter and all Tegloma Minnesota members and members from Tegloma Houston and Tegloma Indiana were out in full force for the wonderful wedding celebrations. Wedding Ceremony
Mohamed and Isata are unique in that in this age of divisiveness in their native Sierra Leone, they decided to buck the trend and and spend their lives together, uniting their families, relatives and friends. In Church
Mohamed is from Baoma in the Eastern Region of Sierra Leone and Isata is from Kamakwie in the north. The turnout out their wedding, the joy, euphoria and enthusiasm was an indication that regardless of all our small differences, Sierra Leoneans are essentially one people, and we do know how to party. Great looking Couple
In a…

Gambian Becomes Tegloma Leader

Rev. John Loum Tegloma Board Asst Sec General
In a sign of the seismic transformation that is taking place in Tegloma International Frederation, the Rev. John Loum of Tegloma Missouri Chapter, a Gambian national who spent many years in Sierra Leone, has just been appointed as Assistant Secretary General to the board of Directors of Tegloma Federation International Inc. 
Tegloma which which came into existence 37 years ago during the repressive one party regime of Siaka Probyn Stevens in 1975, was originally founded purely as a southeastern Sierra Leone organization in Wahington DC by the members, in a bid to provide mutual assistance to each other during periods of crisis, as the Sierra Leone embassy at the time was not responsive to their needs as they saw their members as the intellectual and financial back bone of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party at the time. Eventually with introduction of the one party state in Sierra Leone, SLPP was banned but Tegloma continued to exist and members …