Saturday, June 16, 2012

Gambian Becomes Tegloma Leader

Rev. John Loum Tegloma Board Asst Sec General

In a sign of the seismic transformation that is taking place in Tegloma International Frederation, the Rev. John Loum of Tegloma Missouri Chapter, a Gambian national who spent many years in Sierra Leone, has just been appointed as Assistant Secretary General to the board of Directors of Tegloma Federation International Inc. 

Tegloma which which came into existence 37 years ago during the repressive one party regime of Siaka Probyn Stevens in 1975, was originally founded purely as a southeastern Sierra Leone organization in Wahington DC by the members, in a bid to provide mutual assistance to each other during periods of crisis, as the Sierra Leone embassy at the time was not responsive to their needs as they saw their members as the intellectual and financial back bone of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party at the time. Eventually with introduction of the one party state in Sierra Leone, SLPP was banned but Tegloma continued to exist and members continued to assist each other in immigration cases, bereavements, weddings, job search and other social events. 
Abu Bhonapha Tegloma Board Chairman

Over the years Tegloma has gradually opened up to people from other areas of the country and the world, although the perception of it being a southeastern organization still persists as most of its members are from the southeast of the country and the "Goboi" and "Sowei" are still prominently displayed at all cultural events.

Though Tegloma still has the perception of an SLPP organization, nothing could be further from the truth, as the organization is now an apolitical and federally registered nonprofit committed solely to the fulfillment of eleemosynary objectives and humanitarian missions.
Alfred Moi Jamiru Federation Adminstration Chairman

Most Tegloma members have decided to disregard the negative perceptions of the organization that mostly stem from intolerance and ignorance, and focus instead on doing good deeds in Sierra Leone and helping Sierra Leoneans facing crisis in the diaspora who seek the organization's assistance regardless of regional or tribal affiliation.

Tegloma is composed of 24 chapters, most of which are in the major metropolitan areas of USA with two chapters in Canada and a chapter in United Kingdom, Sierra Leone and a brand new chapter that was inaugurated this year in the small West African Nation of The Gambia, with Joseph Bangali as the first head of the chapter.
Jeneba Bangura Tegloma Federation Secretary General

Rev. John Loum who has tremendous love for the people of Sierra Leone stated that he was extremely elated at this great honor and pledged to do all he could to help the organization embark on the massive fundraising campaign that the newly elected board chairman Abu Bhonapha has set himself over the next two years to massively increase the finances of the organization. 
Sheku Sheriff Tegloma Board Secretary General

Abu Bhonapha is the head of the federation board of directors and Alfred Moi Jamiru is the head of the Tegloma adminstration. The board and the adminstration together manage the affairs of Tegloma with the board acting in an advisory and custodian capacity while the adminstration is responsible for the day to day implementation of the objectives of Tegloma. The Secretary General of the federation administration is Jeneba Bangura and the Secretary General of the board is Sheku Sheriff.
Tegloma Mini-Convention 2012 New York/New Jersey

Tegloma will hold its 2012 main convention in September in Washington DC and delegates from Canada, UK, The Gambia and Sierra Leone are expected to join their colleagues in the USA.
Tegloma Minnesota Mother's Day Event at Red Lobster

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