Sunday, June 17, 2012

Mohamed and Isata's Wedding

 Mr and Mrs. Songa
Saturday June 16, 2012 was a special day in the lives of Mr. Mohamed Songa and Ms. Isata Bangura as they decided to make the ultimate commitment and become man and wife. 
Chief Abdul Songa
Both Isata Bangura and Mohamed Songa are long time members of Tegloma Minnesota Chapter and all Tegloma Minnesota members and members from Tegloma Houston and Tegloma Indiana were out in full force for the wonderful wedding celebrations.
Wedding Ceremony
Mohamed and Isata are unique in that in this age of divisiveness in their native Sierra Leone, they decided to buck the trend and and spend their lives together, uniting their families, relatives and friends.
In Church
Mohamed is from Baoma in the Eastern Region of Sierra Leone and Isata is from Kamakwie in the north. The turnout out their wedding, the joy, euphoria and enthusiasm was an indication that regardless of all our small differences, Sierra Leoneans are essentially one people, and we do know how to party.
Great looking Couple
In a wedding celebration fit for royalty, the beautiful Isata and handsome Mohamed were at the top of their game and all we can wish for them is what they essentially vowed to do; to become and stay man and wife till death do them part. To be together through thick and thin, in sickness and in health, with poverty miles away from their door. 
Chief and Mrs. Baryoh from Indiana
The Segbwema blogger Sheku Sheriff, represented the federation board to the occasion, with Chiefs Hassan Kamara Kamara and Moses Baryoh representing Tegloma Minnesota and Tegloma Indiana chapters respectively. Chief Abdul Songa, the founder of Tegloma Minnesota, who also happens to be the uncle of Mohamed Songa was at hand to grace the occasion, support his nephew, bless the union and represent Tegloma Houston.

Chief and Mrs Kamara Tegloma Minnesota
Ms. Julia Tucker and Mr. Daniel Kenewa were co-Mcs for the occasion and Segbwema Blogger was paparazzi in chief and Facebook 
Daniel Kenewa &Julia Tucker MCs
Mdm Isatu Sowa-Matchmaker
Mr. Samuel Bangura Brother of Bride
Wedding Guests
Sheku Sheriff Segbwema Blogger

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