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Sylvia Fooling Blyden

Blyden Dressed For Church?
Sometimes people can be their own worst enemies,  and when they are as egotistical as Sylvia O. Blyden, they blame the whole world for their own problems, but never look at themselves. In one of her recent senseless rants full of unnecessary self adulation, self pity and frustration, she went on and on yesterday complaining and whining about how everybody in Sierra Leone seems to be against her. According to her, the president's media strategy was wrong, she had the best strategy, but no one was listening to her and she was probably waiting for November to tell President Koroma,  "I told you so!"

She complains that Sierra Leone Peoples Party and their journalists are insulting her parents. She cries that even though APC's  Kabs Kanu had used bad words on her in the past for defending Christiana Thorpe who she had happened to defend when the good Reverend had rained sexual insults on the poor electoral commissioner, Kabbs Kanu had eventually seen his evil ways and apologized to her (Blyden) and of course the merciful human she was, she had readily forgiven the good Reverend with the tendency to insult women.

She goes on to say that though the Reverend Kabba had once accused her of being an RUF rebel, he had withdrawn the statement, but Lans Gberie was now making these same accusations and she was threatening libel. While reading her long, boring and crazy rant, two things occurred to me. Firstly, this woman needed a husband and some children to keep her busy and secondly, she must be as crazy as a bat. Now I know she is not really crazy in the Sierra Leone sense of the word, her condition is what I may confidently diagnose as an extreme case of narcissistic personality disorder. People with this disorder have an exaggerated sense of self importance and feel that they are always right, they are always the best, everyone else is physically and mentally inferior and nothing anyone can do or so will convince them likewise.
Blyden's Uncle Taylor

Why in God's name would President Koroma even listen to anything Blyden tells him. Was it not the same Blyden  who when she was in bed with SLPP and calling Sama Banya uncle that was calling EBK a womanizer and calling a woman she alleged was his gilrfiend "Ba nya fakii" fist lady? Even when she knew that such statements must have been personally hurtful to the president's real wife Madam Sia Koroma did she even care? What did Sylvia blyden not write about APC when she was in the embrace of SLPP. Why would any one in their right mind blame Judas Iscariot? Look at what he did to Jesus! Who would trust anybody with the mentality of a snake and the personality of a chameleon.

I personally am no fan of Rev. Kabbs Kanu, but the incident that Sylvia is referring to was initiated by her very self. Journalism is about reporting and analyzing news, not attacking the reputation of people. We love Awareness Times not because of the quality of the news or the veracity of anything Blyden writes, we simply read that paper to get updates on the latest gossip in Sierra Leone; which soldier is sleeping with somebody and making videos of the action, how the president's girlfriend is going to Kailahun pretending to be first lady, and what have you. Anybody who reads Awareness Times to get serious news would just be going to the toilet to buy fresh hamburger. Sylvia, you attack people on a daily basis, so develop a thick skin and swallow some of your own medicine.
Lans Gberie Sylvia's Craw Craw

Sylvia is threatening libel because she is accused of colluding with the RUF and  that just  makes me laugh. How would you convince anybody that you had no connection with RUF when you went into mourning when their chief sponsor Taylor was jailed? Ever since Charles Taylor was jailed for life, the woman has become unhinged. Libel! Let the cases begin. How many people in Sierra leone that are important has this woman not tried to bring down? What has she not written about both Ernest Koroma and  Maada Bio and who would she fool that she is impartial? When you are with SLPP you write against APC and when you are with APC you write against SLPP. That is not being objective, that is called being unreliable, a candle in the wind bowing in whatever direction the breeze takes her.

And the talk of Blyden complaining that people are insulting her parents. Who is she kidding, anybody? If Blyden can insult Sama Banya, a man old enough to be a school mate of her grandfather, a man who is somebody's grand parent, why would she even complain if the same thing was done to her own parents. Is there any sense in that complaint. Sama Banya is a man past his 80s. In our African custom we respect such people and treat them like elders. This man had a university degree probably before Sierra leone gained independence and long before Sylvia was born, yet she has no problem viciously attacking the poor old man, just because she wants President Koroma to think that she is now on the side of the APC.
Blyden Target Banya

If there was anybody who should be talking about taking people to court for libel and verbal assault, it should be EBK, Arabella Foray, Sama Banya, Maada Bio,Sia Koroma and Sorious Samoura all dragging this social degenerate to court. Journalism is not about insulting people or calling the information minister "Mumu", it is about reporting the news.

When I read the crazy rant today I was reminded of what an old man once told me, "Boy," he said, "Some people just love the smell of their own fart" Our people say that when they tell you to cover your bad part, you should not cover some other part, you should cover your mouth.
Poor Pa leigh-Blyden's Football



A candid proof that sylvia should consider people like Sheku Sheriff as bench marks but alas NARCISSM.

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Sylvia Blyden: Madam Know-All!
Sylvia Blyden: Madam Abuse-All!
Sylvia Blyden: Madam Grab-All!
Sylvia Blyden: Madam Cry-Foul!

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