Friday, February 17, 2012

Helping Re-elect President Barack Hussein Obama

President Barack Obama
The People's Choice
The year has come when progressive Americans have to either let their voices be drowned out by the noise of the Tea Partiers or come out in full force to help reassure the reelection of President Barack H. Obama to four more years at the helm of the nation.

Though conservatives would beg to differ,  I am of the solid opinion that president Barack Obama's tenure has been good for the security of America as a nation and for the promotion of peace and democracy throughout the world.

I am not just endorsing President Obama because I did so in the last election or because of some primitive loyalty to the Democratic party or even an identification with his heritage. I am doing so because I believe that though he has been confronted with considerable resistance and challenges, he has largely stood by the promises he made in his campaign and he has proven to be substantial both as an individual, a leader and a visionary.

Republicans are sure to deploy every weapon in their arsenal  and millions of corporate dollars to diminish  the President's status in the eyes of the American people, but given the current field of Republican candidates and their positions, this will be tough for them to do as their candidates are a group of flawed and questionable characters all of who do not seem to be able to fire up their individual bases except for Mitt Romney who has a large Mormon base that is trying to ensure that their brand of Christianity, which regards dark skinned people as cursed by God, will become more mainstream.
Newt Gingrich-Thinks poor people are lazy

Just taking a view of the field of Republicans candidates, there is Newt Gingrich, a man with dubious conservative credentials who says one thing while doing the exact opposite. As speaker of the House during the tenure of Bill Clinton, he gave president Clinton hell  and eventually had him impeached for an affair with white house intern Monica Lewinsky while he, Gingrich,  was secretly having an adulterous affair with his current wife who was then his secretary and reportedly asking his then wife to engage in an open marriage. Yet this is the same hypocrite who goes around the country preaching to people about family values. Gingrich  publicly opposes President Obama's Affordable Care act while at the same time he was benefiting to the tune of millions of dollars acting as consultant to health insurance exchanges. He publicly condemns the practices of Mortgage backer Fannie Mae, yet profits millions giving consultant services to the Same Fannie Mae. When president Obama took office, the American economy was in free fall, banks were in the red and running to congress cap in hand asking for bailouts. The level of unemployment was high and rising, and president Obama decided that American taxpayers who had lost their jobs were not going to be abandoned in the streets when they fell on hard times. He decided to extend unemployment insurance to at least enable laid of workers maintain some semblance of dignity. This compassionate act is ridiculed by Newt Gingrich, calling the president the "greatest food stamp president" for standing by unemployed Americans in need. Gingrich and every politician knows that presidents do not create jobs in a free enterprise economy like America, but any compassionate system does not abandon its workers who had been paying taxes in good times, just because they are currently unemployed. It is this particular statement of Gingrich's that show how out of touch he is about the effects of the Bush depression on the morale and dignity of the American people. While he is criticizing the president for helping the poor, he would rather have a $400,000.00 credit line at Tiffany's for jewelry for his third and current wife.
Gay hating Santorum

Rick Santorum as a candidate is all about intolerance and gender discrimination. He  would rather have all women stay at home looking after their children, giving the example of his lawyer wife who quit law practice to look after their army of children. What he fails to appreciate is that as a politician surviving on the pork and illegal deals in Washington, he could afford to do this, but millions of Americans need that double check to survive. So the decision by Mrs Santorum was easy, as they could afford to. The majority of Americans however need that second paycheck to survive and the role models should be the moms who juggle work, the kids and the home. Left to Santorum, gays would be deprived of their rights as citizens and banished to some remote area of Siberia. To him, the only people who matter are those he calls Christian conservatives. How Christian or conservative his crowd is nobody knows, because only God knows who a true Christian is. We have seen too many pastors, priests and conservative politicians exposed as frauds and mere charlatans in recent years to be swayed by their talk of religious righteousness. Santorum will be an ideal president for a small conservative hamlet of close minded people, but unfit to lead a nation as diverse as America, as this country guarantees freedom for all.
"I do not care about the poor"

What can I say about Mitt Romney that has not already been said. This is a candidate who has taken so many sides on so many issues that the only thing that comes out of his mouth that you can believe is that he is a candidate for president. We only know this because he runs for every position he can run legally for.He was for abortion before he was against it. He condemned the auto industry bailout in his own home state and now talks as if he was one of those that saved the Big Three automakers. He was for health care mandate and passed it into law in Massachusetts, but is now against it. He was for contraception but is now against it. Trying to analyse the shift in positions by Mitt Romney over a given 24 hour period is an exercise in futility. It is like trying to use the right eye to trace the movement of a ricocheting bullet with the left eye closed, an impossible exercise. The only thing Romney has going for him are his millions that he is using to vanquish his opponents through negative ads and his army of corporate backers who want to go back to the days of low financial regulations when mortgage companies sold loans to  customers who could not afford them or banks could levy overdraft fees as they desired.
President of Utopia?

There is not much to say about Ron Paul, as he seems to be a decent and principled man. His ideas about national defense, military spending and international affairs often leaves me wondering whether he thinks he is running as a candidate for the presidency of heaven, where everybody is peaceful. For a candidate to ask what harm it is if Iran had a nuclear weapon, means a serious lack of understanding of the threat that intolerant zealots like Iran's president poses to peace loving people all over the world.

Given the characters above, one wonders what has happened to the great Republican party that only individuals like these, the hater Michelle Bachmann,  999 Cain, and "I can't remember" Perry would be serious candidates for their presidential ticket. Why are so many serious and moderate Republicans not running. It is a real pity if any one of these characters has even a remote chance of leading this great country.
Creepy Bachmann
999 Cain

Barack Obama deserves a second term. He has freed this country from the shadow of Osama Bin Laden, who is currently terrorizing fishes at the bottom of the pacific. Sworn American enemies like Al Alwaki and Ghadaffi have gone on without a the loss of American blood. The nation feels safer as intelligence is now being used more that military numbers.

Osama in the Pacific
The economy, which has been president Obama's Achilles heel is now picking up pace. The president is encouraging firms to bring back jobs to the country and they are responding positively. America's respect around the world is once again on the ascendance. Apart from party loyalty and those who would never vote for Obama no matter what, Americans should give this president a second chance. The progress of the past two years should not be derailed. If the economy continues to be stimulated, jobs will be created, creating more taxpayers, revenue and subsequently reduction in the deficit. It would be unfortunate if at this moment in time we were to allow any of the Republican candidates to take us back to the Bush era days that almost ruined this great country.

Let us all go out this November and vote for President Barack Obama, a man who has prematurely aged by spending all his waking hours focusing on the problems of the country and her people.

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