Tuesday, September 18, 2007

This year in Minneapolis, we as usual, took some time off our usual monotonous work routines to have us some fun. There were bridal showers and wedding showers, weddings and celebrations of wedding anniversaries, barbecues and pot lucks, graduations and open houses, and sometimes, just plain old fun. I was able, as usual to tag along, my camera handy and take some shots. Here are some of them. I have hundreds more that i would be publishing on a daily basis. Please get my permission at shekusheriff@hotmail.com before you print any.

Anyway, Emmerson of Bobor Belleh, Tutu party fame was here on June 23rd and permitted me to take pictures of him and Sierra leoneans here. I would be publishing those shortly. The guy is a real talent and deserves much praise for the quality of his music. I appeal to all to buy his music and not pirate his Cd's. We have to give these guys a chance to make money from their music

Hey I want to also take the opportunity to tell all about the Wonderful state of Minnesota. I know most of you would just have heard about it being very cold. Though I do not want to deny this, there are many other things that more than compensate for our cold winters.

Minnesota has the Mall of America, which is arguably the largest shopping mall in the world. We also have the Mayo Clinic in Rochester which is at the cutting edge of Medical technology. 3M, Boston Scientific, Medtronics, are also based here.

The University of Minnesota is one of the best in the world. The State has a stable and prosperous economy and the people are very friendly. There are lots of educational and job opportunities and after some years, YOU GET USED TO THE COLD!!!!!

Hey let me not forget, houses here are very spacious compared to the east coast and not that expensive. We also have lots of cold, for those who detest heat. Our summers here are quite warm. Hey Target Corporation is also based here. So is Northwest Airlines. So is Sheku Sheriff for those that want to be near me. Ha ha ha.

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