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Samsung Launches Galaxy Note 4 and Edge

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

Well I don't just blog about current events and politics, I am also a huge technophile. So let's get into it. Today,  mobile phone technology.

I love both Android and iOS. I used to love my iPhones,  but now you won't catch me dead using one. However on September 9th, with the launch of the iPhone 6 that may well change as Apple launches what is rumored to be a phone with a 5" or bigger screen.  The only iOS device I still have is my tablet.  I still think the Apple ipad is the best tablet by far and even though there are hundreds of tablets using Android and Windows operating systems,  no tablet in my opinion comes close to the user experience of iOS on the iPad.
Sony Xperia Z3
When it comes to smartphones however, its a completely different story. Don't get me wrong,  the iPhone is pretty impressive in terms of specs and user experience and is particularly good for people who just want to use their phones to make call, use basic apps and take pictures. Android however allows more customization and an overall better user experience than iOS and the regular updates makes the guys at Google create what people want.

Someone asked me what in my opinion was the difference main between an Android phone and an iPhone. In my opinion,  the main difference is that Android phones are made based on what people really want and iPhones represent what Apple thinks people want. That to me is a big difference.
It is only because the iPhone is being clobbered by rivals in major smartphone markets that Apple has now decided to launch a big screen iPhone. Otherwise,  they have stuck with a 4" screen for all the past years, even when a lot of people are now using their phones as major viewing devices. Sometimes when I see people straining their eyes on a 4" iPhone screen, I truly feel sorry for them.

The second great advantage Android over iOS is that it is an open system, allowing many manufacturers to build phones around the operating system (OS). So while we are waiting for Apple to finally announce a big screen iPhone on September 9th, just today Wednesday September 3rd,  two Android phones have been launched that will give the iPhone 6 a real run for the money.

Today at separate events Samsung and Sony released flagship Android devices that will put a major dent in the iPhone's plan to once again be the industry leader.

Sony released the Sony Xperia Z3, a beautiful flagship 5.2" phone with a 20.7 megapixel camera, a 2.5 Quad-core processor and a 3100mAh battery that boasts up to 48 hours of life in Stamina mode. It can be dropped in 1.5 meters of water for 30 minutes with no problem and is also dust proof. The lens on the camera is taken from Sony DSLR lines and the pictures are just beautiful and better than a lot of compact cameras today.  This phone is released just six months after the impressive Sony Xperia Z2.  It can also stream PS4 videos.

Samsung Galaxy Edge and Note 4
Of course I'm a Samsung fan. I still have the old Samsung Galaxy S4. The Galaxy S5 in my opinion was just the S4 refined for Samsung to make money. The changes were only minimally incremental. Most fans of the Galaxy S line like myself who were waiting for the Galaxy S5 were really disappointed when it came out earlier this year. The specs were totally disappointing.  The Galaxy S5 is a great phone for people who were upgrading from the S3, but it was simply not worth an upgrade from the S4, unless you had a few dollars to burn.

Today however,  Samsung released two new phones, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and the Galaxy Note Edge that are a true upgrade of the beloved Samsung Galaxy Note 3 released just last year.
Apple really has its work cut out, as the Galaxy Note 4 is now the phone to beat. The phones were announced today in Berlin along with other Samsung devices such as the  Samsung Gear S a powered smart watch and health mate and the brand new Samsung Gear VR,  which allows you to use your Galaxy Note 4 as a virtual reality viewing device.

Samsung Gear VR

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 now has a metal frame with the faux leather at the back. It has a beautiful 5.7"Quad HD resolution Super Amoled display with 3 GB RAM and a 16MP camera. The Galaxy Note Edge has a rounded edge which allows you to view the screen in a totally new way.
iPhone 5s

To see the danger that these new devices pose to Apple, the company's shares fell today by 3% upon the announcement of the new Samsung devices. Apples share are now trading at $99.75 a loss of $20 billion dollars of market value. If the Apple iPhone 6 is not truly revolutionary,  it will be in trouble as it is being bombarded on all sides by premium Android devices from Samsung,  Sony,  HTC, Motorola,  Nokia and Huawei.

We will just have to wait and see what Apple has in stock for September 9th and I hope it is truly a huge leap forward,  otherwise they are in big trouble. When Steve Jobs was alive, Apple's shares used to be around $500.00.
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