Monday, March 28, 2016

Former Tegloma Federation Board Chairman Emmanuel J. Sandi Laid to Rest

Mr. Emmanuel J. Sandi
This Monday evening, Mr. Emanuel J. Sandi, a long term employee of the State of New York and a former Chairman of the Board of Directors Tegloma Federation International, will be laid to rest at the Ascension Town Cemetery in Freetown, the Capital of Sierra Leone

Mr. Emmanuel Sandi retired about 6 years ago and decided to spend his retirement among his people in Sierra Leone, having spent several decades in Public Service in the United States of America. He rose to prominent positions in the city of New York. He lived during his retirement in his home district of Kailahun in Eastern Sierra Leone.

Mr. Sandi Honored by Tegloma
New York
The Tegloma community in the United States received news of the demise of the Former Board Chairman on Sunday February 28th, 2016. It was reported that Chairman Sandi passed away suddenly that sunday, during a brief visit from Kailahun to Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone.

The entire Tegloma community around the world was in shock at the news, as Chairman Sandi had been such a strong, kind and knowledgeable leader and had helped guide the organization from a focus on social and customary events, to a focus on charity, especially during the tough years preceding the civil war in his native Sierra Leone.
Mr. and Mrs. Sandi

Chairman Sandi was an exemplary leader and a great resource to the administrations he guided during his tenure. He was knowledgeable, patient, respectful and humble. 

As a Sierra Leone organization, Tegloma has had its fair share of conflicts, but during the tenure of Chairman Sandi, he work assiduously with the Tegloma administration to ensure that the flames of conflict were always quickly put out before they blew out of proportion. He was particularly cognizant of maintaining unity in the organization. During his tenure, divisive individuals felt alienated, bringing the organization into an era of rapid expansion and growth. Chairman Sandi and his vice and successor, Chairman Alhaji Alieu Mustapha, are among the most likable leaders Tegloma has had in its 40 year history. 

Alhaji Alieu Mustapha
The current Federation Board Chairman Abu Bhonapha is in Sierra Leone at the moment, partaking in the burial activities of his predecessor. During the memorial service for Chairman Sandi, Chairman Abu Bhonapha gave a glowing tribute, extolling the virtues of the late great man. Many former Tegloma executive members resident in Sierra Leone are also participating in the burial rites of the great man together with other notable figures in Sierra Leone. Burial activities are being led by the venerable Dr. Sama Banya, a notable figure in the history of Sierra Leone.
Chairman Bhonapha Paying tribute to
Pa Sandi

Mrs. Jeneba Bangura, a former Secretary General of Tegloma who is currently in Sierra Leone, reports that Pa Sandi was honored and given all the rites befitting a man of his stature. She reports that even though she was shocked and saddened by his sudden demise, she was proud of the way the great man had been honored by his people. She said that she was "so proud to have been mentored by Pa Sandi"
Mrs. Jeneba Bangura

The acting Secretary General of the Federation Board, Mr. Alfred Moi Jamiru informed the organization of the Board's decision to dedicate this day to Pa Sandi and asked for all to write tributes to the late leader. Mr Jamiru who was also Chairman of Tegloma Federation for four years, noted that Pa Sandi, "was a voice of wisdom and so many of us benefited from his wise counsel."
Alfred Moi Jamiru

The Secretary General of Tegloma during the time of Chairman Sandi, Dr. James S. Senesie, noted that, "Pa Sandi indeed was a servant of Tegloma. It is a sad day for us today.. He labored for this organization and invested both his time and money to make Tegloma what it is today. I pray God Almighty will accord him the heavenly reward meant for those who labor to help others."
Chairman Sandi is survived by his wife Rosemary M. Sandi and many children and grandchildren in the United States of America. Chief Emmanuel Sandi was fond of gardening and enjoyed playing soccer and tennis. He continued his gardening activity in retirement. He left a great legacy.

By Sheku Sheriff with details provided by Mrs.Jeneba Bangura.

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