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Interview With The Freetown Segbwema Blog Correspondent

Yesterday,  I had the privilege of  talking with the esteemed Segbwema Blog correspondent in Freetown who now goes by the name Mwen Ke Devire.  We talked on the phone about a range of issues going on in Freetown Sierra Leone. This was the call.
Sebwema Blog (SB): Hello Mwen
Mwen Ke Devire (MKD): Hey SM how are you guys doing there in Minneapolis.
SB: Well we are planning to host a convention here on 30th August, so we are pretty busy right now. But my readers want to hear the latest from Freetown.  All the news we've been hearing lately has been about the President's Special Executive Assistant (SEA) threatening journalists in the country,  any other major news these few weeks?
MKD: Wow! Where do you want me to start? News has been pouring down like rain.
SB: Well let's start from your name why the change in name and why that foreign sounding name?
MKD: Well as you may have heard, State House is threatening to soon start enforcing the archaic criminal seditious libel laws, so…

State House Communications Team Puts Blyden in Her Place

The State House Communications Team in Sierra Leone has come out to forcefully denounce the uncoordinated and problematic messages the the Special Assistant to the President Sylvia O. Blyden has been issuing to the public without consulting other members of the government's communications unit in Freetown. 
It can be recalled that over the past few weeks, Sylvia Blyden, the former editor of the Sensational gossip tabloid Awareness Times, who was recently appointed to assist the President as a Special Adviser has been making a lot of random and chaotic statements that do not befit the dignity of the presidency and  have the tendency of creating unrest in the small West African country.
Using mainly her Awareness Times tabloid paper and the social media network Facebook as her primary communication tools thereby bypassing  official government communication channels, the Special Assistant to the President has in recent weeks advocated for the arrest and imprisonment of Julius Maada …

Veteran Sierra Leone Journalist and International Press Institute React to Threats against Journalists.

Journalists in Sierra Leone are reacting angrily to incendiary statements and threats of incarceration issued by the corrosive Special Assistant to the President Sylvia Blyden, who earlier this week embarked on a campaign of intimidation of journalists, apparently with the backing of State House.

Buoyed by a recent overseas trip with the president, the chronic attention seeker turned presidential confidante immediately made her presence known by stating that when she had been out of the country journalists had been accusing the government of regionalism for the selected termination from the military of a group of officers well below their retirement age. She bragged that now that she was back in the country, she was going to undertake what she described as "a long overdue sanitizing of the media in the country." Given the historical use of the term sanitizing in human history, a term used by Germans against the Jews during the holocaust, many in the media community have  re…

Government Threatens Journalists in Sierra Leone

One of the loudest bragging points of the All Peoples Congress Party,  the ruling party in Sierra Leone has been that since the election of President Ernest Bai Koroma, no journalist has been imprisoned in the country. Paul Kamara the country's current Sports Minister was a journalist who was harassed and jailed by several past administrations and has come to symbolize President Koroma's tolerance for and cozy relationship with journalists.

Upon assumption of the Presidency, Ernest Koroma created the position of press attaches in many Sierra Leone diplomatic missions abroad and sent journalists loyal to his many years of struggle, first to attain the leadership of his party, and ultimately the presidency of the small diamond rich West African country of approximately 6 million people. The creation of the position of foreign press attaches was a deft political move by President Koroma, as he was able to send some journalists that would have been problematic in the future out o…

Tegloma East Coast Luxury tour To Minneapolis Convention

Residents of the East Coast states of New York,  New Jersey, Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC, and Philadelphia who want to travel to Minnesota for the Tegloma Convention in Minnepolis on the Labor Day 2013 weekend now have an economical and luxurious option.
Mariama B. Bhonapha the incoming Tegloma Federation Social Secretary has made arrangements for a self-contained 56 seater ultra-modern bus tour from New York via Philadelphia to Minneapolis.
The United Tours Ultra Modern Hybrid cruise Bus will depart from  New York on Thursday August 29th, 2013 at 9.00pm, pass through Philadelphia, the city of Brotherly love and arrive in Minneapolis, Minnesota at 11.00am. The bus will arrive in Minneapolis 5 hours before the Tegloma Federation Board meeting scheduled to start at 4.00pm on Friday the 30th August. 

The return trip to the East Coast will be on Sunday September 1st from Minneapolis, Minnesota at 9.00pm to reach New York the next day, Labor day at 11.00pm.
Mariama Bhonapha who hail…

Sierra Leone Press Attaché to USA Under Blistering Attack.

Pasco Temple, the Sierra Leone government press attaché to the United States is not sleeping easy these days, as over the past few weeks he has been the latest subject of blistering and venomous attacks perpetrated by disappointed job seeking political propagandist Joseph Sherman on the Sierra Leone diplomatic corps in the United States of America.

Sherman's public meltdown started few weeks ago when he alleged that promises made to him by the country's Ambassador to USA in return for official propaganda in his online news outlet had not been kept. In a very bitter article, Sherman proceeded to rain verbal attacks on Ambassador Stevens and Kabbs Kanu, another propagandist appointed as Sierra Leone's Minister plenipotentiary to the United Nations. Pasco's crime seems to be his attempt at coming to the defense of his diplomatic bosses, accusing Sherman of making unsubstantiated claims against the Ambassador and Kabbs Kanu and dwelling on personal issues. He accused She…

Charles Margai's Profile Rising Once Again in Sierra Leone

Veteran Sierra Leone legal practitioner turned politician Charles Francis Margai, the son of Sierra Leone's second Prime Minister and nephew of the country's first post Independence leader Sir Milton Margai, has had some well publicized spats lately with the country's current First Lady Madam Sia Nyama Koroma over land in a suburb of the country's capital, Freetown.

Charles Margai recently  made some threatening statements in the country's capital, but it seems as if overreaction by the government and negative statements in pro-government media and the subsequent refusal of Margai to capitulate to the bullying tactics of the Koroma political and security machinery has caused his recently declining political capital to rise in the country once again, and he seems to be basking in the glory.

Margai had claimed that the First Lady had made a grab for a piece of land he owned at Aberdeen, a suburb of Freetown and she had then proceeded to send members of the country&#…

The Proliferation of Nigerian Churches in Sierra Leone: Are They Good For the Country?

Since the end of the civil war in Sierra Leone, there has been a geometric growth in the number of religious establishments in the country. The RUF war wrought immense devastation and brought untold hardship to entire towns, individuals and families in the country. For those of us who came from areas that were for years under rebel control, the shifting of our towns and villages from rebels to soldiers to rebels and again to soldiers resulted in the total destruction of almost every tangible property we owned in the country. From houses built by our grandfathers to those built by our fathers, whole settlements were wiped out by Revolutionary United Front rebels who made it a policy of burning downs they were unable to hold, especially in the later stages of the war.

As a small boy, my mum used to sometimes take me to Koidu town on business, back in the heydays of the 80s when Koidu town was at its peak, an affluent settlement that smelled of money and brimmed with desire and hope. Wh…

Ambassador Bockarie Stevens in a Feud?

According to the garrulous Chief Editor of the Salone Monitor, Joseph Saidu Sherman, who has been accused of faking his last name to deceive Liberians that he was not a Sierra Leonean, the feud between himself Saidu Sherman, Ambassador Bockarie Stevens the Sierra Leone Ambassador to the USA and Reverend Kabbs Kanu of Cocorioko and Minister Plenipotentiary fame will soon be over, due to divine intervention by another man of God, Bishop Emmanuel Kuyateh of The Family Restoration Center in New Jersey.

Joseph Sherman whose over ambition and monumental impatience has caused him to come out openly over the last few weeks lambasting the Ambassador and reverend Kanu and labeling them as egotistic manipulators only interested in themselves, has discovered that he has dug a hole so deep in APC circles within North America and beyond that he was about to be swallowed and has therefore decided to call on the services of the influential Bishop to intercede on his behalf.

Writing in his uninfluent…

Sierra Leone Political Updates: On Land and The Sale of our Future

Just over the past few weeks there was a serious confrontation between the First Lady of Sierra Leone Madam Sia Nyama Koroma and opposition activist and former king maker Lawyer Charles Margai over some piece of real estate located around the tourist enclave of Aberdeen on the West Side of Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone. There was some confusion over the said land even in pro-government newspapers, as some could not tell who the real owner of the land was. It was variously reported that the land belonged to the government, to Mr. Margai through acquisition from the now deceased original owner Basma, to the First Lady through a lease agreement with the government.

I do not want to go into theCharles Margai- Sia Koroma, he said-she said confusion once again, as this issue has been thoroughly masticated by the pocket paid journalistic class in Sierra Leone with most of them condemning Mr. Margai as wrong, a trouble maker and some even writing that he needed mental help, even thou…

Tegloma Convention Booklet

The Media Committee of the 2013 Tegloma International Convention is inviting Tegloma members, Sierra Leoneans and friends of Sierra Leone for short stories relating to Sierra Leone for publication in the convention booklet.
All the stories must be at least a page long and must be relevant to either Sierra Leone or to the African Diaspora experience. No story that is defamatory,  libelous or scandalous will be accepted. Stories must not also be in favor of a particular political party or ideology. Stories that dwell on the following topics will be particularly welcome:
1. Sierra Leone Culture and traditions
2. Education
3. Philanthropy
4. Health Care
5. Immigration
6. The Refugee Experience
7. The Tegloma Experience
5. Sierra Leone Business ideas and Entrepreneurship
6. Tourism in Sierra Leone
8. Sierra Leone Wildlife
9. Sierra Leone rural life 10. Jokes
If you have a great idea, you are doing a great humanitarian venture in Sierra Leone and would like the whole world to know about …