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Ambassador Bockarie Stevens in a Feud?

Sherman Needs Papal Intervention
According to the garrulous Chief Editor of the Salone Monitor, Joseph Saidu Sherman, who has been accused of faking his last name to deceive Liberians that he was not a Sierra Leonean, the feud between himself Saidu Sherman, Ambassador Bockarie Stevens the Sierra Leone Ambassador to the USA and Reverend Kabbs Kanu of Cocorioko and Minister Plenipotentiary fame will soon be over, due to divine intervention by another man of God, Bishop Emmanuel Kuyateh of The Family Restoration Center in New Jersey.
Bishop Emmanuel Kuyateh

Joseph Sherman whose over ambition and monumental impatience has caused him to come out openly over the last few weeks lambasting the Ambassador and reverend Kanu and labeling them as egotistic manipulators only interested in themselves, has discovered that he has dug a hole so deep in APC circles within North America and beyond that he was about to be swallowed and has therefore decided to call on the services of the influential Bishop to intercede on his behalf.
Poor Saidu Sherman

Writing in his uninfluential online propaganda outlet Salone Monitor, poor Mr. Sherman, in a classic case of humility and climb down begs the poor Bishop to intervene on his behalf  by appealing directly to his religious sensitivity. Quoting directly from the Bible, Mr. Sherman reminds Bishop Kutyateh that "Blessed are the peace makers for they shall be called the children of God” (Mathew 5:9). Sherman cunningly wrote that it was the Bishop who first called him requesting a ceasefire in the ongoing feud between himself and President Koroma's men, in order to save some face.

The fishy part about Sherman's story of an end in the feud was that it seems that at least publicly, only poor Mr. Sherman has been attacking the two other men and as far as I can recall, they have not reacted to any of his rantings, insults, humiliation, accusations of hypocrisy and manipulation, and so on. So it seems that in this particular case, all that the good Bishop really has to tell Saidu Sherman is, "shut the hell up," and that will end the entire problem.  So far the only feud Saidu has been having, has been with himself. When the press attache Pasco Temple tried to knock some sense into the skull of the perennially frustrated Sherman, Poor Pasco Temble became the latest subject of Sherman's unending tirades, accusing Pasco of being a novice in America and basically of not knowing what he was doing.
No Word from Bockarie Stevens

Sherman's latest attempt at cajoling Ambassador Stevens and Kabbs Kanu once again into their confidence after he had spent the last few weeks whining like an infant that has just lost his favorite lollipop can be read by following the link

Sherman is a classic case of the saying that age has nothing to do with maturity. I just hope all his insane rants will cause President Koroma to take notice of him and maybe send him as press attache to Mogadishu, now that we have troops there who will need some good media coverage infused with a healthy dose of propaganda.

 I wish Bishop Emmanuel Kuyateh luck in trying to mediate in Sherman's feud. The problem with the feud is that Sherman had decided to do a "Talabi" dance on Christmas day, where he Sherman was the Talabi, the drummer and the dancer all in one. Sherman has been the only one publicly beating his own drum and dancing to his own tune. The Ambassador and Kabbs Kanu have kept largely quiet. So how is this mediation going to take place? Will Sherman be brought to the Ambassador and Kanu and be forced to promise that he will keep quiet, or will his prostrate on his stomach and beg them to honor the promise they have made to him. We will wait and see how this particular wahala ends.
"Let Sherman Sweat"
Kabbs Kanu

Honestly, I do not envy Sherman these days. Our people have a popular saying wich goes thus, "When they say cover your bad part, they are not talking about your rear, rather they are talking about your mouth." Sherman's fiery temper, his rush to judgment, his native vindictiveness and his impatience is going to be his undoing, regardless of how many correspondence degrees he has accumulated.

Instead of Going to Bishop Kuyateh for mediation between Sherman, Kabbs and Ambassador Stevens, Sherman needs to go to Church to ask for prayers. This man does not need mediation. What Sherman needs is salvation. He can start by asking Rev. Kabbs Kanu to start praying for him before he even goes to a Bishop. I will love to be in that Church Service, to see REv. Pa Kanu praying for poor Saidu.

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