Thursday, June 6, 2013

Sierra Leone Press Attaché to USA Under Blistering Attack.

Pasco Temple, the Sierra Leone government press attaché to the United States is not sleeping easy these days, as over the past few weeks he has been the latest subject of blistering and venomous attacks perpetrated by disappointed job seeking political propagandist Joseph Sherman on the Sierra Leone diplomatic corps in the United States of America.

Sherman's public meltdown started few weeks ago when he alleged that promises made to him by the country's Ambassador to USA in return for official propaganda in his online news outlet had not been kept. In a very bitter article, Sherman proceeded to rain verbal attacks on Ambassador Stevens and Kabbs Kanu, another propagandist appointed as Sierra Leone's Minister plenipotentiary to the United Nations.
Pasco's crime seems to be his attempt at coming to the defense of his diplomatic bosses, accusing Sherman of making unsubstantiated claims against the Ambassador and Kabbs Kanu and dwelling on personal issues. He accused Sherman of having a vitriolic temper and a history of lawlessness that has caused him to lose a teaching job and have his driving privileges withdrawn in the United States. He said Sherman's problems were of his own doing and advised him to change his ways.

Unfortunately,  Sherman who had already been on the edge for several weeks did not take kindly to Pasco's admonition and went off the handle, in a manner that has become his trademark over the years, more especially the past few weeks. In a classic case of weeks of pent up mental frustration and boiling rage, Sherman let Pasco have it all.

Sherman in now familiar fashion accused Temple of being a disgusting bootlicker with irrelevant personal achievements. He said Pasco had been a poor and hungry teacher in Sierra Leone who had dabbled in pretend journalism and had been lucky to have come to USA as a press attaché of an embassy infested with corruption. He claimed that over the past four years,  millions of dollars had been embezzled in the Sierra Leone US Embassy.

Sherman who claims to be one of the most eminently educated Sierra Leoneans, with several masters degrees and working on a PhD,  denigrated the state of journalism in Sierra Leone that would have allowed somebody of Pasco's caliber, who he compared to both a goat and a zombie,  to become a journalist in the country. He went on to emphasize that it was only as a result of the chronic nepotism in the Koroma administration that somebody like Pasco Temple would be given the diplomatic assignment he had in favor of more suitably qualified people.

Pasco Temple a graduate from Njala University in Sierra Leone was information attaché at the Sierra Leone diplomatic mission in Nigeria before he was sent to USA. He currently resides in Richmond Virginia.

As Sherman's rage continues and his public pronouncements against Sierra Leone's diplomatic mission in the country continues to grow increasingly bizarre,  many Sierra Leoneans are left wondering why the country's representatives would allow themselves to be embroiled in such a controversy when they are expected to project the good image of the country abroad.
The Angry Joseph Sherman
Kabbs Kanu, Sheka Tarswallie and Pasco Temple
Pasco Temple

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