Monday, December 24, 2012

A Merry Segbwema Christmas

The Nativity
A merry Christmas to the readership of the Segbwema Blog.

To all Sierra Leoneans at home and in the diaspora may God help you enjoy the Christmas and may the New Year bring love, joy and unity to our beloved country.

As we go about our festivities, let us remember that overindulgence is a vice and gluttony is one of the seven deadly sins. Unbridled hedonism has never been the foundation of development of any advance society and though it is a time to be merry, let us do so with some element of seriousness.
Use In Moderation

Not A Bright Idea
For those who may want to have some alcoholic high this Christmas, remember a glass or two of wine or beer may lift your spirit and bring on festive cheer, but too much alcohol is bad for your health. It can cloud your reasoning and destroy your liver, leading to alcoholic hepatitis and cirrhosis of the liver. Too much booze increases your blood pressure causing hypertension or in the worst case scenario, a stroke. And those in the diaspora if you drink, please do not drive.

Let us remember that Christmas was a day on which God decided to send  his beloved son Jesus Christ to come to the world and lay the foundation for the salvation of all mankind. Let us all take this moment to pay attention to his central message of love. Love your neighbor as you love yourself. Though it may be difficult, show love this Christmas to even those you may consider your enemies, for only God knows who your true enemy is; it could be the person you consider your best friend. Remember, love has tamed lions and can also tame your foes. Love those who look and think like you and those who do not look and think like you. In spite off all our differences, we are all Children of God, all made from dust and no matter how high we ascend or how low we descend, at the end of the day, to dust we shall all return.

This Christmas let us learn to tolerate each other. Let us remember that God created all of us very similar but also very different, each in his own way. Remember that everybody; the homeless, the destitute and even the common criminal was made by the Creator as a unique entity with a role to play in the grand scheme of things. Let us therefore learn to respect our differences and be tolerant of each other. For though bees and insects are small it is only through their act of pollination that we are able to enjoy of the fruit of trees.
Deer  Behind My House-Safe

To our politicians in Sierra Leone, may 2013 be the year for the promotion of human rights and the celebration of human life. In Minneapolis where I live, squirrels and rabbits pass around my neighborhood, bouncing on the grass or climbing up the trees. Deer roam behind my Highland Park home. If you take a stone and hit them or kill them, you could go to court and even face jail time for animal cruelty. The people here realized long ago that every life is important, even if it is just the life of a rodent. It is also time for Sierra Leoneans to start respecting the sanctity of life. Instead of buying guns for police to control riots, please buy riot gear. You may beat up a man and even scratch his face, but at least you have given him the opportunity to continue living his life and take care of his children. Each man has a role to play and everybody must be given the chance to play that role. Let us therefore have a greater respect for human life and dignity in 2013.

May God give our children the wisdom and vision to stay in school and acquire good education. With education you could be born in the smallest village in Sierra Leone and still grow up to be somebody. Remember kids, Barack Obama was born in Hawaii to a young mother and abandoned by his father. He lost both his mother and father at an early age, but decided to stay in school and get a great education.Today he is a twice elected President of the United States and the most popular living politician in the world.

Have yourself a merry Christmas.

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