Sunday, March 11, 2012

Remembering A Great Son of Segbwema

Salia Koroma with his Accordion
Segbwema, a small city in the Eastern Region of Sierra Leone has had her own Share of prominent Sierra Leone citizens. Towering above the prominent sons of Segbwema is the great poet, sage, story teller, musician and oral history genious, the Late Salia Koroma, who was born in the Kono Town area of Segbwema just close to the river turned  stream Nyeya. Salia was I believe of Southern Sierra Leone heritage, but happened to  be born in the home town of the Segbwema blogger, Sheku Sheriff, the very I.

Yeaterday, someone from Daru, a suburb of Segbwema [I know I will get in trouble] requested a link to some Salia Koroma Music. I have been able to do some research and discover a whole website that is devoted entirely to Salia Koroma. The website is

A Portrait of the Man
I remain extremely grateful to whoever put this great website and compendium of Salia's legacy together, it is truly a labor of love.

In the meantime here are some tastings of the great Salia Koroma from the website:

Thanks to the Nikkibu Notebook

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