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Emmerson in Minnesota-Twin Cities

On June 23rd, Tegloma Minnesota chapter had its annual fundraising dance at The Higher Ground Academy in Saint paul. Coincidentally, Emmerson of 'BorborBelleh' fame was also due to play here the same night.

We the members of Tegloma were in a real dilemma, as Emmerson is such a popular musician in the Sierra Leone and Liberian community here in Minnesota. We ultimately decided to go ahead with our fundraising, considering the amount of time and effort that we had already expended in preparing for the dance.

Some of our members were however able to get in touch with Emmerson, who promised to visit our fundraiser after his concert. Being the gentleman he is, he came and everybody was so excited to have him there. He was one of the highlights of the occasion, in addition to the Tegloma 'Gorboi' and 'Sowei'. As usual yours truly was there with my camera, and took some pictures. Please reproduce only with my permission. Contact is Enjoy a cro…
This year in Minneapolis, we as usual, took some time off our usual monotonous work routines to have us some fun. There were bridal showers and wedding showers, weddings and celebrations of wedding anniversaries, barbecues and pot lucks, graduations and open houses, and sometimes, just plain old fun. I was able, as usual to tag along, my camera handy and take some shots. Here are some of them. I have hundreds more that i would be publishing on a daily basis. Please get my permission at before you print any.

Anyway, Emmerson of BoborBelleh, Tutu party fame was here on June 23rd and permitted me to take pictures of him and Sierra leoneans here. I would be publishing those shortly. The guy is a real talent and deserves much praise for the quality of his music. I appeal to all to buy his music and not pirate his Cd's. We have to give these guys a chance to make money from their music

Hey I want to also take the opportunity to tell all about the Wonderful state …