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How Trump Fails the Religious Test

I am a Christian Conservative 
What is truly baffling about the Trump campaign is not even the sheer number of daily gaffes that could have sunk anyone but the Reality TV star, but just the high  number of prominent, self professed Christian conservatives who have come out in favor such a plain sociopath.

Here is Donald Trump, a rich man with a long history of degrading women, ripping off small businesses who've worked with him, promoting racial discord, flaunting a vulgar and hedonistic lifestyle, making demeaning statements about the poor, mocking people with disabilities and recently caught on tape glorifying a history of sexual assault on women. Yet, this is the candidate of America's Christian Conservatives? Give us a break.

If Trump is a Christian Conservative then Mussolini was a prophet.
Think America 

The Christian faith is based on Ten Commandments. One of those commandments is "Thou Shall not commit adultery." Donald Trump is not only a serial adulterer, but he actually brags about touching married women on their privates parts and regularly trying to have intercourse with them. He calls reports about this, "a distraction and just locker room joke." If adultery could be just dismissed as a distraction, then is the ten commandments just a distraction to Donald Trump?

Another one of the ten commandment says that a man shall not covet his neighbor's wife. Trump has a history of coveting other people's wives, boasting that as a celebrity, they even let him grab them by the crutch, using language that we can't even use here. He sponsors beauty pageants and walks in on the models at their most vulnerable moments in their dressing rooms. They have to stand the degradation because he is the owner of the competition and can have them removed. Is this truly a man Christian conservatives would rally around as a leader or is just a pervert?

Another of the ten commandments is "Thou shall not steal." Trump has a history of working with struggling contractors and then finding  loopholes in their contracts to avoid paying them. Most times, he does this by saying they "did a lousy job," and throwing them to his lawyers. If this is not the same as stealing?

In order to avoid paying honest debts, Trump would rather declare bankruptcy and leaving his creditors hanging out to dry. Trump even reportedly refused to pay the people who catered one of his weddings, stating that adding his name to their business was payment in the form of free marketing and publicity.

Even when Jesus says "give unto Caesar what is Caesar's," Trump unlike the rest of hardworking people like us,  will use every rule in the book to avoid paying his share of income taxes, bragging that he is a genius who knows every tax loophole that exists. He claims Warren Buffet another billionaire does the same yet Buffet has publicly declared his taxes, yet Donald won't.

Some years ago, Donald Trump set up a so called "Trump University" proposing to teach successful real estate strategies to ambitious people who wanted to go into the real estate business. He hired a group of people, some with bogus qualifications and proceeded to advertise his "university" agressively.  People who were just looking for ways to achieve the American dream, captivated by the Trump name and the "university" label, spent thousands to acquire bogus "Trump University" qualifications, many of which  were not even worth the papers they were printed on. These people spent their time learning real estate information they could have discovered from simple google searches. Later when they discovered that the Trump University was a fraud and that they had just been duped, they filed lawsuits against Trump. But Trump always has a battery of lawyers, and many of the cases are still in court. Yet this is the candidate of Christian Conservatives.

Another of the Biblical ten commandments states that you should not make false witness against your neighbor. Donald Trump's life is a history of making unsubstantiated allegations, mostly false, against other people.

For the past few years he has been the leading advocate of the theory that President Barack Obama, the first African American president of this country, was not born in USA. According to Trump, the President was born in Kenya and secretly brought into the United States and registered as being born in Hawaii.
The stupidity of this assertion is apparent to any one who spends even a minute thinking. Even if Barack Obama's mother was traveling abroad when she gave birth to him, he was a US citizen by birth, as his mother was a citizen born in the USA. So the only reason why she would have had to hide the fact that he was born abroad was if somehow, she had had a prophesy that her son would grow up to be president. As that is the only job that is the sole preserve of natural born citizens, a term which is subject to considerable debate.

Another of Trump's hurtful lies was tying the father of his opponent Ted Cruz to the assassination of revered US President John F. Kennedy. Even though everybody knows that this particular dark conspiracy theory had no basis in fact and news outlets had consistently debunked the theory, Trump was just too happy to use it to smear his opponent. Yet, this is the candidate of conservative Christian leaders.

The religious right's excuse for backing Trump is the statements that he is one of their own, a conservative who is pro-life and has vowed to appoint conservative justices to the Supreme Court.

This I belive is Donald Trump's grand deception. Here is a man who is thrice divorced, most of his marriages ending because of adultery, who hosts beauty pageants in which women are paraded almost naked, who serially talks disparagingly about women on shock radio, who calls women fat, pigs, "with blood running out of their wherever," accuses them of having fake boob jobs, is fond of touching their private parts, and has just become pro-life after being pro-choice all his life. Yet this man is a conservative? Give me a break.

The Christian faith teaches humility and moderation. Donald Trump is anything but these. Trump is loud, brags that he knows everything more than anybody, has respect for no one, is petty, rude and  conniving. In essence, Trump represents everything the Bible teaches Christians not to be. Trump is a false prophet, the pied piper of conservatives.

Truthfully, most of these so called Christian conservatives are just using conservativism as an excuse to support Trump, because they can't publicly state the real reason. For many of them, Trump represents the bigotry and intolerance for others that they are afraid to publicly manifest. Trump represents the same group who for eight years have only been happy to delegitimize the President by saying he was not one of them, but foreign born. The same people who "want their country back." The same people who populated the "Tea Party" mob. All this conservative talk is just a charade. That is why the true conservatives are washing their hands off this false prophet.
False Prophet 

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