Saturday, September 10, 2016

Tegloma Convention 2016 Phoenix Arizona

The New Chairman of Tegloma
Julia Hawa Conteh

Board Chairman Thomas Senesie

Last weekend, members of Tegloma International Federation, the largest Sierra Leone nonprofit in the diaspora held their International Convention in Phoenix, Arizona.
Keynote Speaker Dr. Sheku Idriss

The two day convention started with a board meeting on Friday the 2nd September, followed by the main convention on Saturday.
With Tegloma Staff
of Office

The Convention Keynote Speaker Dr. Sheku Idriss, a US medical practitioner of Sierra Leone origin, who is also involved in a lot of individual projects in Sierra Leone, gave a run down of the state of health care in Sierra Leone, proferred some ways forward and appealed to convention delegates to explore ideas to help their communities back home.

The outgoing Tegloma Federation Chairman, Mustapha Sheriff, outlined the main achievements of his three year tenure as head of the organization. He focused on his work to clear the Tegloma land in Bo, Sierra Leone, his administration's response to the Ebola crisis in Sierra Leone, his celebration of Tegloma's 40th Anniversary in New Jersey and his work on the Tegloma Website.
MC Sylvester Johnny

Tegloma International Vice Chairman
Elizabeth Saidu Momoh
The heads of the Scholarship and land committees and some executive members also gave reports of their work done over the year. The climax of the ceremony was the swearing into office of Julia Hawa Conteh, the first female Chairman of Tegloma, who was taking over from Mustapha Sheriff as the substantive head of the organization.

The Chief of Tegloma Arizona chapter Winifred Jusu and his chapter members did their best to keep the delegates properly accommodated and fed and were able to host one of the best conventions in recent memory.
Tegloma Arizona Chief
Winifred Jusu

Tegloma Secretary General
Amos Allie
The handing over ceremony was skillfully conducted by the Board Chairman of Tegloma, Mr. Thomas Senesie of Tegloma Ohio chapter.

The convention ceremony was followed by a dance ans award presentation ceremony in which the outgoing chairman gave awards to mainly people who had supported him while in office.

Tegloma Minnesota Delegation
On Sunday, there was a house picnic at the Arizona president's house and those who did not go back to their home states had a great time partaking of her generosity.


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