Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Trump has the Republican Party in a Choke Hold

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From yesterday evening there has been a parade of Republican big Whigs, all eager to get on TV and Cable networks and get the opportunity to publicly denounce Donald Trump's statement that there should be a ban on all Muslims entering the United States, even though he modified his stance today by stating that the ban would just be a temporary measure. According to Trump, there is no other choice.

Many Republican establishment leaders were on TV yesterday morning stating that Trump's statements did not reflect American values. Some stated that his views did not represent who they were and issued similar statements of condemnation, even though it must be pointed out that none of them came out outright to stated that because of this and other past incendiary rhetoric, if Trump were to ever become the party's presidential candidate they would not support him. Only few major Republican donors have come out to say as much. The rest of the Republican establishment is left confused and unable to react in any meaningful way to a candidate who is sounding like a far right nationalist fringe candidate every day, but still dominates the party polls by a wide margin.

Over the past few months, Donald Trump has decided to let correct political talk aside and touch raw nerves by saying exactly what many in the Republican Party secretly believe but most of their candidates are too scared to say. 
No Muslims in USA

Trump starting by launching a frontal assault on Mexican immigrants as mostly being the worst sort of criminals their country breeds; petty thieves and rapists, who their own government was eager to get rid off and was only too happy to push them to the US. To control the influx of these criminal elements he would build a wall which he would force the Mexican government to pay for. He then attacked one of the most respected members of the Republican Party Senator John McCain as not being a war hero but spent most of the war as a prisoner. He has even less respect for the other Republican contenders. In his view they were all either too weak, low energy, didn't have a clue or were just outright stupid.

In Trump's view, the solution of the problem in the Middle East was to bomb the areas and "take their oil." Remarkably, in spite all these outlandish statements, Trump's fate in the polls has only been boosted by the extremity of his incendiary  statements.  Now political pundits are saying once again that Trump may have finally reached his Waterloo by calling for an outright ban on Muslims entering the country and sounding everyday like the European fascist leaders who dragged their countries into the bloodbath and global catastrophes that were the First and Second World Wars.

But is Trump fading really true or is it just what the party establishment and the media would like to see? As far as I can see, Trump,s momentum currently seems unstoppable and he is just energizing the same crowd who for years have been led to believe that President Obama was born in Kenya, that the President was a Muslim and that Muslim values were totally un-American, the same crowd that gave us Senator Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and the rest of the Tea Party politicians. Only this time they seem to have found a Presidential candidate they can believe in.

Wise men say you reap what you sow. For many years the Republican establishment has allowed Tea Party rhetoric to slowly replace their compassionate conservative message. They have had politicians like Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann tell their traditional voters that this country was no longer theirs and they have to "take it back." Politicians like Ted Cruz have been beating the drum all these years that Christian values were under attack by liberal leftist ideologues. Fox News has spent the last five years stoking every fear of a people who feel that their conservative ways were under attack, their religious institutions were under assault and alien ways were taking over the country. If you think that Donald Trump is extreme, then you must not have been listening to people like Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, and the spin masters of right wing ideology who have for years preyed on the fears of the conservative base that Obama and his left wing liberal, Muslim loving and Christian hating ideologues were out to tear down their values. There has even been talk of Obama trying to secretly allow the imposition of Sharia Law into the country.

Many people today see what Trump is saying and draw parallels with Hitler's rhetoric that drew the world into the most bloody conflict in the history of mankind. Unfortunately Trump has just given popular face to the teachings of Beck, Hannity, Limbaugh and the rest of the conservative ideologues. He has at last brought Tea Party ideology into the mainstream and the establishment is panicking. Isn't it any wonder that even where the party establishment gives these weak denunciations of Trump, Fox News, the major party mouthpiece never outrightly condemns him, but would instead shift the focus on Benghazi and Black Lives Matter? Is it any surprise that best Selling Conservative authors Ann Coulter and Sarah Palin have both endorsed Donald Trump? Ann Coulter is one of the best selling conservative authors in this country. Is there anything Trump says that Coulter has not said or written in her popular books?

The Republican Party has for many years courted fringe hate groups at the local level to win elections. Now that hate has come on the national stage, propagated by a candidate who does not give a damn about what anybody thinks as long as he is appealing to his audience, they are all rushing to say " this is not who we are!" Well the truth is this may not be who you are, but unfortunately this is what you have become. If you don't see yourself this way, take a mirror and look very closely,  because this is what many of us see when we look at you. As they say, you reap what you sow.

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