Saturday, July 19, 2014

Sierra Leone’s Anti-Corruption Commission Partners up with Songhai Technologies

Sierra Leone Anti-Corruption Commission

Houston, Texas, July 18th: The Sierra Leone Anti-Corruption Commission has reached an agreement with creators of the Sierra Leone App to create a real time corruption reporting link within the App for citizens and non-citizens alike within or out of the country to report acts of corruption to the commission directly from their phones.
The Sierra Leone App

In a telephone call from Freetown the head of the Commission Mr. Joseph Kamara told the Creator of the App, Founder and CEO of Songhai Technologies Mr. Leslie Koroma that he was pleased to partner with his organization to be able to use current 21st Century technological tools to help in the fight against corruption in the country and that even before the agreement was concluded he had already been touting the upcoming feature of the Link within the App to Civil Society groups within the country.
Mr. Leslie Koroma

Mr. Koroma thanked the Commissioner for seeing the value of what technology can do for the Commission and also giving Songhai technologies an opportunity to serve the country. They both agreed that such a move  will significantly help in reducing corruption in Sierra Leone, paving the way for a more transparent and honest society which is a mark of progress for the country.
The Sierra Leone App which was launched in April of 2014 is a multi-dimensional app with a variety of resources for users to access any and everything Sierra Leone and beyond and it can be downloaded from either the Google Play or Amazon App Store or at  for users of Android and Blackberry phones and for those who use phones or tablets with an iOS Platform (Apple products).  The App will be available in a few weeks.

The ACC Link to report corrupt activities to the Anti Corruption Commission is already up within the App for those who already have it on their phones.

The Link works in a very simple manner;
If a Citizen or Non-Citizen sees any corrupt activity that they want to report; all they have to do is tap on the Anti-Corruption Commission’s link within the App with their fingers which in turn will generate a message box where they will then proceed to type in their report. And if they so wish they can attach one or more pictures as photo evidence to reinforce their reports. After completing a report along with attached pictures the sender should then submit their report by just clicking on the Submit button.

The reporting link and the attachment of photos can be done in real time or you can save sending the report at a later time. The photos can be sent in real time as an act is being committed or at a later time from your phones photo gallery along with a well thought out and written report of what you saw.

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