Sunday, August 11, 2013

Last Minute Touches to Tegloma Convention Preparation

President Kamara addressing Planning
There are barely 20 more days to the spectacular Tegloma International Convention in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

 The Convention Planning Committee is dedicated to ensuring that the delegates have a great and productive stay and are currently doing dry runs to ensure that everything goes according to plan, save for unavoidable random or stochastic disturbances.

In a bid to minimize the impact of unforeseen contingencies, the head of the planning committee, Minnesota President Hassan H. Kamara has appealed to all chapter members to put their shoulders to the wheel and push with all their might, metaphorically speaking.

Transportation and Media committees are therefore appealing to all delegates to send their names to Minnesota as soon as humanly possible and contact the chapter with their transportation itineraries to arrange for pickup.
Planning Committee

Delegates interested in rental cars are advised  to rent from The Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport (MSP). Cars can be cheaply rented through it is a tried and reliable service.

First time delegates who want us to know who they are can also sign up on the Tegloma Federation Social Page at The page works just like Facebook, but membership is open only to Tegloma members.

The Media Committee is committed to providing regular updates.

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