Saturday, June 1, 2013

Tegloma Convention Booklet

The Media Committee of the 2013 Tegloma International Convention is inviting Tegloma members, Sierra Leoneans and friends of Sierra Leone for short stories relating to Sierra Leone for publication in the convention booklet.

All the stories must be at least a page long and must be relevant to either Sierra Leone or to the African Diaspora experience. No story that is defamatory,  libelous or scandalous will be accepted. Stories must not also be in favor of a particular political party or ideology.
Stories that dwell on the following topics will be particularly welcome:
1. Sierra Leone Culture and traditions
2. Education
3. Philanthropy
4. Health Care
5. Immigration
6. The Refugee Experience
7. The Tegloma Experience
5. Sierra Leone Business ideas and Entrepreneurship
6. Tourism in Sierra Leone
8. Sierra Leone Wildlife
9. Sierra Leone rural life
10. Jokes

If you have a great idea, you are doing a great humanitarian venture in Sierra Leone and would like the whole world to know about it, send a short story to the editorial team of the Tegloma 2013 Convention Booklet.
Any and all stories and accompanying documents or pictures must be sent to the:
Media Committee Tegloma 2013 Convention
C/O Sheku Sheriff
Chairman Convention Media Committee

All stories sent to the media committee becomes the property of Tegloma.  Only stories accepted by the media committee will be published and publication of any story is not guaranteed. No plagiarism will be accepted. Stories may be edited by the media committee and sent back to the author for approval before publication. No edited story will be published without the approval of the author.
Advertising will also be done in the booklet. Anybody who wants to advertise a book they have authored, has a shop or business they want people to know about, or want to advertise an event, occasion or to celebrate a graduation, wedding or new addition to the family is encouraged to advertise in the Tegloma Convention Booklet.
Advertisement Costs
1. Full Page: $100.00
2. Half Page: $75.00
3. Post Card Size: 50.00
Advertising in the Tegloma booklet is a great and cost effective way to increase your business visibility as the booklet is going to be distributed all over the world. So do not pass up on this once in a lifetime opportunity.
Contact the media committee now!!!!

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