Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Minnesota Getting Ready to Host Tegloma on Labor Day Weekend

Tegloma Leaders In front of Medical
Container bound for Sierra Leone
Tegloma Indiana Members loading
Medical Container for Sierra Leone
After a spectacular mini-convention over the weekend in Saint Louis Missouri, the members of Tegloma Federation, the largest Sierra Leone organization in the diaspora with 24 chapters in 5 countries around the globe, are getting ready to fly in to Minneapolis, Minnesota for the main International Convention on Labor Day weekend starting Friday August 30th 2013 to Sunday September 2nd 2013.

Tegloma was founded by Sierra Leoneans of southeastern origin in 1975 in Washington DC as a cultural and self help organization. The founders of Tegloma wanted an organization that would unite south-easterners and help promote cooperation and cultural awareness among the group. Over the years Tegloma grew in membership and strength and the succeeding leaders decided to open the organization to all Sierra Leoneans who needed assistance and who needed to feel at home away from home. Today, Tegloma has Sierra Leonean members from all across the country, though the majority of the membership is still from the southeast.
Hospital Mattresses for Sierra Leone

Tegloma Indiana Chief and Medical Supplies
Coordinator Moses Baryoh
Tegloma is currently a federation of  24 chapters with many members of non-Sierra Leonean origin. The organization has over the years become a tax exempt philanthropic organization that has undertaken many humanitarian ventures in Sierra Leone. During and after the war Tegloma shipped supplies of rice to be distributed in Sierra Leone and is currently providing scholarships to 41 students around the country. In 2011  Tegloma shipped over $40,000.00 worth of medical supplies that were distributed to the Moyamba and Kenema hospitals. The supplies included beds, mattresses, stethoscopes, blood pressure cuff and many other assorted medical supplies.
Medical Beds for Sierra Leone

Tegloma has collected more medical supplies that are currently in storage and is getting ready to send another major shipment to Sierra Leone after the Minnesota Convention if the new executive approves. Over the past few years, Tegloma was able to acquire 5 acres of prime land in Bo, Sierra Leone and members are currently debating the projects to undertake on the land, with ideas ranging from the construction of a multipurpose complex to a skills training center. The Minnesota Convention will concentrate on electing the new leaders of the organization and streamlining philanthropic projects to  achieve greater impact in the lives of poor communities back in Sierra Leone.
Candidate Mustapha Sheriff

Candidate Julia Hawa Conteh
Membership in Tegloma is also very beneficial to members in the diaspora. Tegloma members rally round each other in times of grief and sorrow. Tegloma helps it members to arrange and celebrate weddings and baby showers. They also come together during periods of illness and bereavement, ensuring that things are done following cultural protocols. Tegloma also helps Sierra Leone children born in the diaspora to be aware of their cultural heritage. Some Tegloma Chapters such as Minnesota also provide life insurance and immigration assistance to their members.
Mrs Julia Hawa Conteh

Conteh, Turay and Sheriff
On Sunday September 1st 2013, Tegloma Federation will be electing a brand new executive to lead the organization for the next 2 years. The current leadership contenders are Mustapha Sheriff, former Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors from Tegloma Chicago Chapter and Mrs Julia Hawa Conteh, outgoing President of Tegloma New York, both veteran Tegloma members with outstanding leadership qualities.

Commissioner Tarmoh
President Tegloma Washington
The electoral commissioners for the Tegloma Federation elections are Sheku Sheriff, Angela Bhonapha, Josephine Ladipo and Victor Tarmoh.
 Commissioner Sheriff
Board Secretary General
Commissioner Ladipo
President Tegloma Dallas

Commissioner Mrs. Bhonapha
First Lady Federation Board


AGB said...

Bravo Brother Sheku for the update on our activities. To add, the meeting in Minneapolis for the sole purpose of electing the federation executive will strictly follow the principles of democracy - one man, one vote for the candidate of your choice. Candidates will be giving the opportunity to briefly address the convention floor on Saturday, August 31. We encourage Sierra Leoneans wishing to help our people back home to please join us in the humanitarian efforts we undertake. My bags are packed for Mn and I hope to meet with many more new Tegloma members.

Wanjiru Akinyi Waruingi said...

I have added excerpts from this article to a page I am preparing on Tegloma ahead of the election. I have linked to this page and added pictures I took when Auntie Hawa was invested as president of the NY chapter. I hope you like it!

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