Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Calling Sherman's Bluff: The Highly Educated Joseph

Wannabe Minister Sherman
Joseph Sherman, now we all know that you are getting a PhD in 2013. Congratulations and good for you. You also have a bachelors degree and double masters, way to go! What an impressive set of academic credentials for a sycophant. If only we would now know the universities you got these credentials from it would be all the more helpful to President Koroma, whenever he ever decides to elevate you from the position of a roving sycophant to that of a government agent, as your very frustrated piece, which has somehow miraculously disappeared from your site seemed to indicate.

Sherman if the Sierra Leone Peoples Party ever needed a spokesperson they have many and fortunately for you, I am not one of them. Thinking that you can cunningly link your highly inappropriate article begging for a job to SLPP, as a ploy to divert attention from your shameful public pleading  for a position in the Sierra Leone government, does not fly with even the children in your household and they won't with me.

It was the misinformation peddled by fellows like you that prompted some of us to take a step back from mundane blogging and step into the realm of political blogging. Fellows like you still believe in practicing 1970s journalism in 2013. Unfortunately, you fail to realize that with the growth of cyberspace, the proliferation of smart mobile technology and the rise of the citizen reporter, you should have at least tried to adjust your propaganda proliferation methods to reflect this new reality.
Sherman's Baboon

You are right that your pen is mightier than a sword. Unfortunately, your pen is not challenging a sword, it is challenging another pen! You talk of the propaganda machinery you had in place for President Ernest Koroma and believe that is why he won in November. Great for you, people in Freetown campaigning for Ernest Koroma had your propaganda plastered all over their faces, going from house to house.Unfortunately it did not get you the position you desired, my bad. Bad mouthing I.B.  Kargbo was a strategic mistake on your part, is that not so, next time you will think before you put a pen on paper.

What you call propaganda machinery, I will call a mediocre attempt to get attention. You fail to realize that even for people in the diaspora, Sierra Leone is just a mobile phone call or a Facebook chat away. Do you really believe that telling feel good stories about a situation we are so intimately attuned to was excellent propaganda? Do you really believe that by writing all those niceties you deserved a government position and hence subscribe to the notion that praise singers should now rule our country? Well it seems as if those who knew how to do it better than you got rewarded. Even among propagandists, you are not even third best. My sympathy.

Sherman, just last week you wrote a very mean spirited column against one Umaru Fullah Jalloh whose only crime was telling you that your statement describing the red buttocks of a baboon in reference to the president of your country was wrong. Instead of responding to the fellow's points, you went nasty on him and publicly announced to the whole world that he was a just trash collector who needed psychiatric treatment. You may be more educated than the fellow, but are you aware that in America what is important is not what a man does, but his ability to feed his family? What is the value of all your education if you do not even see the dignity in honest labor? What has a man's profession got to do with telling you the truth?

You had the audacity to write about me romanticizing about you. Should you even mention romantic and yourself in the same sentence? I have long realized that people who are quick to advertise their educational credentials are not even worth the effort to respond to. What was really the point of  listing the number of degrees you have, to impress Sheku Sheriff? If that was your purpose, it is rather unfortunate, as I have students I have taught who are more educated than you will ever be, PhD included.

When a man that has the sort of qualifications you have, start throwing public temper tantrums because he was passed over for an appointment, it manifests a lack of faith in the credentials you claim to possess. America has a lot of bogus and unaccredited colleges and until you tell me the colleges that educated a fellow like you, I will just consider you a high school graduate with fanciful papers.

And for your information, writing long sentences and bogus terminology does not make you appear educated, it makes you appear pretentious.
 I will add a link to your highly uninfluential response here.


Anonymous said...

Joseph Sherman is a good example of the idiots who are trying to nationalize mediocrity in Sierra Leone. Why waste time on a fellow who cannot even write his supposed credentials well? Tell me which true intellectual writes a whole paragraph without a punctuation. It is bad enough that Earnest Koroma chose Sumana (with a questionable academic credential)as his vice, but he's not stupid to the point of appointing Sherman as traffic warden.
The guy calls himself a propagandist---I just wish he knew the meaning.

Anonymous said...

Why would anybody who wants to be taken seriously call themselves a propagandist.

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