Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Abu Bhonopha becomes Tegloma Board Chair

Newly Elected Tegloma Board Chair Abu Bhonapha
On Friday May 25, 2012 the Tegloma Federation International Inc, the umbrella organization for all the Tegloma chapters all over the world conducted the organization's  board elections in Newark, New Jersey. Many board members from Tegloma chapters in USA and Canada, came together in New York to elect a new board executive for the federation.. This year, board members from London, Gambia and Sierra Leone were unable to come for the elections. The Tegloma board is responsible for setting out the broad policies of the organization and is the custodian of the organization's constitution and finances.

The Tegloma Board executive consists consists of the chairman and vice, the secretary general and assistant secretary general and the treasurer.

This year the position of board chairmanship pitted two veteran board members Mr. Mustapha Sheriff of Tegloma Chicago and Mr. Abu Bhonapha of Tegloma northern California against each other. Both candidates arrived on Thursday and spent the night campaining for the most senior position in the Tegloma federation, the umbrella organization of the 24 Tegloma chapters in America, Canada, Europe and Africa.

Mustapha Sheriff campaigned on the basis of his experience in Tegloma, having spent many years rising through the ranks of Tegloma Chicago and ultimately becoming chapter president. He was also the ex president of the The Tegloma Midwest Coalition, a position currently held by Mr. Joshua Joshua Murray. The coalition consists of the Midwestern Tegloma Chapters of Minnesota, Chicago, Wisconsin, Mannitoba, Ohio, and Indiana. Mr Sheriff also went on to become the vice chairman of the federation board for four years.

Mr. Abu Bhonopha rose through the ranks of Tegloma Northern California, ultimately becoming the long term chairman of that chapter's board. He campaigned on the basis of not having been on the past board executive and never having been a member of the federation executive. He said that his election would ensure an influx of new ideas and a change of the usual approach. Both men have been in Tegloma for many years.

In a tense election conducted by an electoral commission led by madam Margaret Tagoe of Tegloma New York, Mr. Abu Bhonapha prevailed and won by a margin of five votes, with the results accepted by both parties as being very free and fair. 
Mr. Bhonapha in Tegloma Chair Robe after Election
After the election Mr. Bhonapha pledged to work hastily to review the constitution to cut down on the uncontrolled expenditure that was hampering the progress of the noble organization and also ensure that an audit is conducted as soon as possible. He pledged to work with the Tegloma Federation administration to further the philanthropic aims and objectives of the organization. Mr. Bhonapha said he would soon launch a massive fundraising drive to strengthen the coffers of Tegloma. He put a temporary freeze on all federation expenditures.
Sheku Sheriff New Board Secretary General
Other new Board executive members elected including Mr. Sheku Sheriff (Segbwema Blogger) of Tegloma Minnesota as secretary general and Mr. Henry Gegbe of Tegloma Dallas as treasurer, both unopposed. Madam Alice Hawa Kallon will be the vice chairman. She was unable to attend the mini-convention due to the loss of a younger sister in Sierra Leone.
Rev. John Loum Pouring Libations
The Main 2012 Tegloma convention will be held in Washington DC in September on the labor day weekend and delegates are expected from Sierra Leone, Canada, Gambia, UK, and all over the United Stares of America.

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