Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Segbwema Family Reunion in Minnesota

Two weeks ago my elder sister Massah Kanneh who is here to visit her daughter Miatta Kanneh and grandchild, flew in from Massachusetts to visit us here in Minneapolis. My sister Massah was the one who decided that running around the streets of Segbwema, pushing a bicycle tire with a forked stick was not the type of future she envisaged for me. When I was of school going age she took me out of Segbwema and brought me to Freetown for primary schooling. I was enrolled in Samaria Primary School on Wellington Street in Freetown, and the rest is history. Sister Massah is going back to Freetown in September and we were all very happy to see her and wished she could stay longer. She was able to see her nephew, Sheku Kemo Sheriff. Massah is the one wearing the bright orange and blue. The rest of the group are Minnesota Based Segbwema folk, Miatta, Allieu, Isata, Theresa, Joy and Sheku-Segbwema Blogger

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