Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Rebecca Johnson for Vice Chair Tegloma Federation

Know Rebecca Johnson, your candidate for Federation Administration Vice Chair position

• Dedicated to Tegloma and the Sierra Leone community
• Creative in project management
• Committed to responsibility
• Innovative in ideas
• Respectful of people
• Fair and balanced in decision-making

I am dedicated and committed to Tegloma: I have attended all but one convention since joining Tegloma in 1999

Positions Held:
Minnesota Chapter:
• Vice President
• Board Representative
• Secretary General
• Assistant Secretary General
• Social Secretary
• Chair of the Welcome Committee

Tegloma Federation International:
• Secretary General, Board of Directors

• Over 15 years of legal experience –
• B.A. Degree in Paralegal Studies and Political Science from Hamline University
• M.A. Degree in Public Administration and Public Policy, Hamline University
• Sr. Administrative Specialist for a State Agency, State of Minnesota, for the past ten years
• Fundraising efforts for our annual Independence Day celebration where substantial amount is raised each year
• Successfully work with the African communities on issues such as immigration, employment, and interpreter services
• Working with a major corporation to ship millions of cases of food to Sierra Leone for kids
• Successful grant writing for the Sierra Leone Community in Minnesota. (Tegloma is a member organization)
• Sends school supplies on a yearly basis to my village, Dodo
• Board Member, African American Census Advisory Board, US Department of Commerce
• Board Member, Sierra Leone Plymouth Partnership, Minneapolis, Minnesota


With all the energy already expended, why would someone like me want to continue serving Tegloma, especially at an executive-level position? The answer is simple: Because I love Tegloma.

What I would like to see in Tegloma:
I want to be the change I wish to see in Tegloma. If elected, these are some of the programs I would like to work with the Chairman to implement:

• Tegloma Women: As a woman, I strongly believe in the power of the woman. We need to recognize our women as an integral part of Tegloma. This does not mean that we will neglect all the contributions of the men. We all need to work together as a team to make Tegloma what we want her to be.

• Children: They are our future. Let us celebrate them by recognizing their efforts through newsletters, certificates, congratulatory notes, thank you notes, and simply appreciating them for who they are and for what they bring to Tegloma.

For the children in Sierra Leone, let us re-evaluate the scholarship program, which by the way was a pilot project, and come up with ways we can expand so as to serve more needy children.

• Use of expertise of our Tegloma family from the Diaspora: Encourage our brothers and sisters who are experts in their fields of study or work to volunteer while in Sierra Leone. Two weeks in a classroom, a hospital, a law court, with children, etc., will leave a great impression, and of course, impact.

• Sponsor students and then hire them once they complete their programs. This does not have to be on a large scale – maybe two students, five students in the various programs and then hire them to work in their field of training will help them to be self sufficient – one student at a time – one family at a time.

• Tegloma farm project(s): We should look at this further.

• Other projects: water wells, girl child, mosquito nets, have been identified and suggested by Dr. Muana and others. During Dr. Idriss’ keynote address, he brought up some great ideas, especially as they relate to his field, which must be discussed and decided upon. With limited resources, we should prioritize these efforts. Priority and results should be the key!! Even if as Vice Chair we only accomplish one goal, that will be okay because at least we were able to accomplish something.

We have a lot to give and a lot of potential to do more if, and only if, we all work together as a unified force. Let no one tell us we are not good. Yes, we have made mistakes, and I do not wish to make excuses for those mistakes, but we need to take a collective responsibility and move forward. For the failure of this organization is our failure. The Executive cannot do it alone. It will take a collective effort to see progress. It will, indeed, take this village to raise this child called Tegloma.

I hope you will give me the opportunity to work for you and with you. This is, indeed, an experience you can count on. A vote for Rebecca Johnson will definitely be a vote that will put her to work for Tegloma!

Long live Tegloma!
Long live Mama Salone!

Your sister,

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