Friday, June 5, 2009

Segbwema Development Association SeDA

The newly formed Segbwema Development Association-SeDA, is attracting descendants and friends of Segbwema from all over the World. Presently the United Kingdom, United States of America, and Canadian chapters have been formed and a constitution committee has been established to develop a constitution for the Association and and byelaws for the individual chapters.
Over the last three months the membership has grown from an initial seven or so members to a committed membership of well over 25 by now. There has been three monthly teleconferences from November, with participants from UK, USA, and Canada. Each meeting has seen an increase the number of participants as the word is going out about the association, its aims and objectives, and the sectors it will be focused on in the desire to engage in meaningful developmental programs in the township of Segbwema and its environs.
Members have identified three major sectors to render developmental assistance to, the educational, health and agricultural sectors. Priority assistance will be earmarked for the four major schools; Wesley Secondary School, Holy Ghost Secondary School, R.C Primary School and Methodist Primary school, and the Nixon Memorial Hospital.
Presently the goal of the association is to engage in small scale but meaningful projects in the three areas identified, with the hope of embarking on larger scale projects as time goes on. An appeal is still being made to all descendants and friends of Segbwema to get on board, regardless of where they are. We the current members will welcome an influx of new people and new ideas, and would particularly welcome input from Sierra Leone, as most of the active members are either UK, USA, or Canada based.
We are presently in contact with potential members in Sierra Leone, Gambia, and Nigeria. We would also like to get in contact with similar groups from the area so that we all can work together to bring meaningful and positive change to our beloved Segbwema. We are glad to hear about the establishment of the club by David Benjamin as it would go a long way in reawakening the social life in the town.

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