Friday, November 14, 2008

Sheku Kemo's Naming Ceremony

On Sunday 9th November 2008, a cross section of the Sierra Leone community here in Minnesota, Joined me and my family to carry out the traditional naming rites of our son Sheku Kemo Sheriff, who was born on October 23rd 2008 at St. John's Hospital in Saint Paul, the capital city of the great state of Minnesota.

The ceremony was carried out in accordance to the Islamic traditional rites for the naming of a male child, involving the sacrifice of a ram. Though he is born an American citizen, we intend to raise him to value both his American and African heritages.

We are extremely thankful to all those who took time of their busy schedules to join us in celebrating his birth and are especially grateful to those who helped us plan and implement the event. The value of kinship is made more meaningful when we all come together to celebrate such momentous events. I am especially grateful to Karmoh Lamin Jabbie for leading us through the religious rites and my family and friends for the good food. May God continue to bless you all in your singular endeavors and may our homeland Sierra Leone one day rise from the depths to which it has sunk. Sheku Kemo is the only son of Maria Philip and Sheku Sheriff.

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