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Organizations and Indigenes Provide Aid for Flood Victims in Segbwema

Local authorities, aid organizations and area indigenes have started providing aid to the hundreds of victims displaced by the flooding in Segbwema earlier this week.

The flooding which affected many areas of the town close to the Nyeya river, caused many people living in these areas to be displaced from their homes.

Traditionally, many houses in these areas are built with mud bricks. Many of these mud brick houses were either completely washed away, or left standing, unstable, on weak soggy foundations.

The World Food Program (WFP) quickly responded to the crisis during the week with the provision of supplies of rice, beans, vegetable oil and salt, while the District Health management Team (DHMT) responded by providing bed nets to the flood victims. The supplies were to be rationed out strictly, with each affected household receiving 60 kilograms(kgs) of rice, 9 kgs of beans, 3.75kgs of oil and 0.75kg of salt.

The Njaluahun Development Organization (NJADO), an organization comprisin…

Whats with dreams in Sierra Leone?

These days in Sierra Leone, many people seem to be dreaming bad dreams, spreading these dreams on social media, and almost all of them want you to take their dreams very seriously. The social media platform WhatsApp has been a real boon to the bad dream disseminaters.

To put things in perspective, I do not underestimate dreams, neither do I discount other peoples belief in the truthfulness of their dreams.  However, I really want these bad dreamers to give other people a break. If you have a bad dream (nightmare) and want to talk it over with your pastor or imam, that is fine, but don't spread these dreams on social media as if you have just received a personal telephone call from heaven verifying the truthfulness of your dream.
Occasionally, everybody has a bad dream.  I do believe even our former Queen Elizabeth II, who was born with a golden spoon in her mouth, sometimes has a bad dream. Even though the queen  has survived more than 300 other leaders since she became queen ove…

Sierra Leone's Internal Affairs Minister Calls for Resumption of the Death Penalty

The Sierra Leone Minister of Internal Affairs, Rtd. Major Alfred Paolo Conteh has asked prison authorities to repair electric chairs and other capital punishment machines in the prison system, in order to resume the execution of prisoners sentenced to death in the country. He believes that the resumption of government sanctioned killings in the country is the solution to the rise in gang affiliated killings in Sierra Leone.

Speaking to the country through radio Radio democracy, Rtd. Major Paolo Conteh lamented the rampant rise in gang inflicted murders in the country and reminded everyone that Sierra Leone still has capital punishment in the country's law books. The minister referenced the "an eye for an eye" passage in the Bible and the local saying, "killing a dog before other dogs will make dogs aware of death" to support his position on the resumption of death. He said that if a human being that has killed another human in such a violent  and "raw&quo…

Flooding in Segbwema

Heavy torrential rainfall in Segbwema, Kailahun district, Eastern Sierra Leone has caused historic flooding in parts of the town, destroying millions of Leones worth of property.The most affected areas are the low lying areas of the Segbwema sections of Manina and Soso town. With the water rising in the very low areas almost roof level.
From the Daru road to the swamps between Soso Town and Manina, most of the houses that are built around the river Nyeya have been inundated with water rising as high as the knee in many areas. The Old Railway Station, which is now the main commercial hub of Segbwema is currently buried in brown sluggish water more than a feet deep in many areas.
The construction of a road through some swamps of the town that are tributaries of the river Nyeya without much provision for water runoff is blamed by independent experts in the town as the main reason for the severity of the flooding.
The river has been historically been know to rise during the rains but most tim…

Tegloma 2016 Phoenix Arizona


Tegloma Convention 2016 Phoenix Arizona

Last weekend, members of Tegloma International Federation, the largest Sierra Leone nonprofit in the diaspora held their International Convention in Phoenix, Arizona.

The two day convention started with a board meeting on Friday the 2nd September, followed by the main convention on Saturday.

The Convention Keynote Speaker Dr. Sheku Idriss, a US medical practitioner of Sierra Leone origin, who is also involved in a lot of individual projects in Sierra Leone, gave a run down of the state of health care in Sierra Leone, proferred some ways forward and appealed to convention delegates to explore ideas to help their communities back home.

The outgoing Tegloma Federation Chairman, Mustapha Sheriff, outlined the main achievements of his three year tenure as head of the organization. He focused on his work to clear the Tegloma land in Bo, Sierra Leone, his administration's response to the Ebola crisis in Sierra Leone, his celebration of Tegloma's 40th Anniversary in New Jersey and his…

The Bad Guys on the Internet

The Internet is rapidly changing the information landscape in Africa, much to the chagrin of despotic leaders.
In countries where information is tightly controlled or where the primary sources of information are pro-government propaganda outlets, citizens have for years been fed healthy doses of deception, half truths and sometimes outright lies. For the citizens of these countries, the Internet provides a way for people to go through government censorship and get information from credible international sources. They are able to use social media platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp to share information directly, eliminating the use of third party information outlets.
For some African countries, the Internet, especially the use of social media is becoming a major headache.
Recently in the small West African nation of Sierra Leone, the country's half literate information Minister Mohamed Bangura* promised to block social media in the country stating that he did not care about the cons…

African Leaders Watch Gabon as Plans to Derail Democracy Continues in Africa

On Wednesday August 31, 2016, Gabon's President Ali Bongo, the son of the country's late autocratic ruler Omar Bongo, was narrowly declared winner in presidential elections in the small African Country. He was declared winner over  opposition leader and former AU Chairman Jean Ping by slightly more than 5000 votes.

Some members of the electoral commission quickly cried foul citing irregularities. The country's official opposition has so far refused to accept the results asking for a recount of all the votes.

Opposition supporters, incensed by the election results, quickly took to the streets, setting buildings on fire and damaging the country's parliament. Even international observers have called for a recount and asked for a detailed publication all polling station results.

What has truly incensed the opposition are clear examples of blatant electoral fraud in many regions of the country. For example in the President's home province of Haut-Ogooue, electoral turn…

Tegloma Women Break the Glass Ceiling

For the first time in the 40 year history of the Sierra Leone organization Tegloma Federation Inc, a woman has been elected and inaugurated as its Chairman and leader 
The new Tegloma Federation Chairman Julia Hawa Conteh, was a former President of the Tegloma New YorkChapter who tried unsuccessfully three years ago to become the first female Chairman of Tegloma. Upon the vacancy of the position by Alfred Jamiru, the election that was held in Minneapolis, Minnesota, was won at the time by the outgoing Chairman Mustapha Sheriff.  At the time, Mustapha Sheriff had just finished serving on the board of the Board of Directors of the organization and had served in various administrative and board positions. He was seen by many as having the experience to lead the organization and his campaign that year was very effective. He was elected to a two-year term as Federation Chairman. 
At the end of Mustapha Sheriff's first term, Julia Hawa Conteh tried again for a second time, banking on Ch…