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Former Tegloma Federation Board Chairman Emmanuel J. Sandi Laid to Rest

This Monday evening, Mr. Emanuel J. Sandi, a long term employee of the State of New York and a former Chairman of the Board of Directors Tegloma Federation International, will be laid to rest at the Ascension Town Cemetery in Freetown, the Capital of Sierra Leone

Mr. Emmanuel Sandi retired about 6 years ago and decided to spend his retirement among his people in Sierra Leone, having spent several decades in Public Service in the United States of America. He rose to prominent positions in the city of New York. He lived during his retirement in his home district of Kailahun in Eastern Sierra Leone.

The Tegloma community in the United States received news of the demise of the Former Board Chairman on Sunday February 28th, 2016. It was reported that Chairman Sandi passed away suddenly that sunday, during a brief visit from Kailahun to Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone.
The entire Tegloma community around the world was in shock at the news, as Chairman Sandi had been such a strong, kind a…