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Christmas Soccer Gala lifts Spirits in Segbwema

Home Based Warriors
Therefore was no better place to have been in Sierra Leone this Christmas day for soccer/football loving fans than in the Eastern Region city of Segbwema!
Paramount Chief Sheriff Coker Jajua

In a 90 minute hard fought slugfest held at the Segbwema town field, the visiting holiday makers team held the dynamic home based players to a surprising 3-3 draw in one of the most exciting matches the town has seen in a long while, much to the dismay of the spectators who had expected the home based to win by a significant margin.
Visiting Rangers

Following the kickoff by Njaluahun's dynamic Paramount Chief Sheriff Coker Jajua I, many people expected soccer maestro Brima Kallon and his relatively young home based squad to make easy work of the veteran holiday makers, some of whose active soccer days were well in the past. But in a classic case of experience over youthfulness, the visiting rangers nearly won the day, but for a controversial last minute penalty awarded to the home based team very close to the 90 minute mark.
Battu Leading Support 

The visiting side opened the scoring with a first half shocker by Alpha Tigana Mambu, when he deftly manauvered a Julius Foday pass around the stuned home based goalkeeper. The situation was not helped by a second crafty goal from the visitors netted by Thomas Allieu. The home based, not to be outdone, netted one against the visitors and the first half ended with a 2-1 scoreline in favor of the visitors.
Getting Ready

During the second half, the home based team put up an astounding performance but were able to find the net only once. By the end of the match the visitors were leading 3-2 on the strength of a third goal by Emmanuel Konuwa. However near the end of the game the home based were awarded a late penalty kick which they swiftly converted into a redeeming goal, leaving the visiting rangers stunned, resulting in a 3-3 tie.
Discussing Tactics

The mood around the field was festive throughout and many spectators felt that both teams deserved the draw.
The match was organized by the Njaluahun Development Organization under the auspices of the dynamic Paramount Chief Sheriff Koker Jajua. The end of the match was however met with news of a massive gas station explosion in Freetown and many people were worried about friends and relatives around that area of Freetown.

On Saturday the Njaluahun Development Organization will have a major meeting in Segbwema to discuss development issues related to the town.

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