Sunday, December 20, 2015

A Trump Presidency: What a World that will be.

The Great Trump 
The thought of a Trump Presidency is by equal parts interesting, funny and scary. Imagine a leader of the free world who basically says anything thing that comes to mind, without thinking about the ramifications or the consequences of his words. He just says it like it is.

A President Trump would ban all Muslims from coming to the United States. That would include a ban on almost the entire Middle East with possibly the  exception of Christian Arabs and Israelis. This would of course not be including Arab Israelis who are mostly Muslims. It would also be a ban on possibly half of Nigerians or even half of the African continent, including the whole North Africa. It would be a Ban on almost all Indonesians, Malaysians, Pakistanis, Indian Muslims and Chinese. It would be also be a ban on most of the Bosnian population and a significant population of Europe. Now imagine if those countries responded by imposing retaliatory bans on the movement of Americans into their country? The world would sudden become a very small place to visit with an American passport. But does Trump care?

Trump would go to the Middle East bomb the oils fields of Iraq and take their oil, while at the same time banning most of them from coming to America. No movie script could be this cool.
The Greatest 

Now let us take Trump's plan for our neighbors, the Mexicans. According to Trump, the Mexican government for many years has been sending mostly the rejects of that country's society; the murderers, rapists, thieves, drug dealers and other bad types across the border into America. Most of the good Mexicans have stayed back in the home country while America has played home to those with the most evil of vices. Under a Trump Presidency all this would stop. A mighty wall will be built that will rival the Great Wall of China. He would do this of course, as he has been building all his life and he truly knows how to build.
Trump's wall will simply be the best the world has ever seen. After building the world he would calculate the entire cost, draw up an invoice, and hop on Air Force One, and fly on to to Mexico City. Where in an elaborate ceremony he will present the bill for the construction of the wall to the Mexican President. All relations with Mexico will be suspended until they pay the American government for the full cost of constructing the Great Wall of America. They will have to pay, as they will have no other option,  says Trump.
Trump may ban Winter 

For the Chinese, Trump has a plan to impose all types of barriers to trade and it would no longer be business as usual.  The Chinese have been winning for so long in all trade negotiations while America,  under weak leadership has been losing. Under Trump this would no longer happen. There would be restrictions even on the importation of fortune cookies and sweet and sour sauce. America will be winning once again,  all because of Trump. The Chinese will be forced to accept any trade condition Trump thought was fair
For our greatest enemy of all time, terrorist group ISIS, their days would be over the day Trump attends the swearing-in-ceremony. He would simply carpet bomb them into oblivion, civilians be damned.  He would nuke them if necessary. What's the use of a nuclear bomb if you can't use it?

The Russian President would of course be Trump's major ally, as he respects Trump, and the admiration is mutual. Together they would implement their individual nationalistic policies and grand agenda for the world, and both America and Russia would be great again, under the strong leadership of Trump and Putin. The  rest of the world be cowering in fear. It would be a glorious moment for strong leadership.

Trump has a simple plan for the millions of illegal immigrants in America. He is sorry, but they will have to go. All 11 million illegal immigrants will be loaded onto planes, boats, rafts and ships,  to be deported from America. If necessary they will walk to the American border. No amnesty, no exception. All children born by illegal immigrants in America will no longer be American citizens. America will still have legal migrants, but just no Muslims, Hispanics and poor Africans.

For the American poor and the disabled, their days of enjoying society's entitlements would soon be over. There would be no Obamacare. If you don't have a job, you don't get health insurance. Food stamps would be cut and the government would no longer be responsible for anybody. The government aint nobody's daddy. Everybody will have to tighten up their belts and work. Poverty will be eliminated by force as Donald Trump would be the greatest jobs creation President the world has ever seen. He will will force poverty out of America.

Some years ago, anybody who would have said all the things Trump has said over the past few months would have been laughed off a Presidential campaign forum. Unfortunately as of now, Trump is  the leader of the Republican race for the presidency of the  United States of America, and his lead appears to be unassailable. If Trump wins the Republican nomination and somehow were to go against all odds and become President, we are in for some interesting,  funny and scary four years. We just have to wait and see how much damage the Tea Party crowd is willing to impose on America in their bid to take their country again.

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