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Travel Information For Tegloma Convention Minnesota

For those Tegloma members, friends and others who are planning to travel to the Tegloma International Convention in Minnesota , the Land of Ten Thousand Lakes, over the Labor Day weekend from August 30 to September 2nd 2013, The Tegloma Minnesota Chapter is working hard to make your trip and accommodation very easy and pleasant.

For those of you intending to fly, it is very inportant that you only buy tickets for The Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport (MSP). Any other airport wil be too far away and we would not be able to collect you. When you buy your air tickets, please post your itinerary on the Tegloma E-Group for us to forward to the Transportation Committee.

It is also very important that your return ticket should not be for the morning of Sunday September 1st, as the Tegloma Executive Elections will be held on that Sunday morning and may extend into the afternoon, There shall be no Saturday voting and no voting by mail. Voters have to be physically present at The Ea…

Meet the 2013 Minnesota Tegloma Convention Hosts

All roads lead to the beautiful city of Minneapolis at the end of August for the Tegloma international Convention. Tegloma Minnesota Chapter, under the able leadership of Hassan Henrickson Kamara is a relatively new comer to the Tegloma Federation, but has grown to become one if the more formidable chapters of the organization.

Started approximately 13 years ago by Mr. Abdul Songa and a group of pioneers during the tenure of popular ex-federation Chairman Dr. Lansana Nyallay, Tegloma Minnesota has made immense contributions to the federation and its influence can be seen from the fact that the current Vice Chairman of the Federation Mrs. Rebecca Johnson, the current Federation Board Secretary General Sheku Sheriff, the current President of the Tegloma Midwest Coalition Joshua Joshua Murray and the incoming federation assistant financial Secretary Theresa French Kebbie are all members of the Tegloma Minnesota Chapter.

Tegloma is a formidable member of the Sierra Leone Community in Min…

Minnesota Getting Ready to Host Tegloma on Labor Day Weekend

After a spectacular mini-convention over the weekend in Saint Louis Missouri, the members of Tegloma Federation, the largest Sierra Leone organization in the diaspora with 24 chapters in 5 countries around the globe, are getting ready to fly in to Minneapolis, Minnesota for the main International Convention on Labor Day weekend starting Friday August 30th 2013 to Sunday September 2nd 2013.

Tegloma was founded by Sierra Leoneans of southeastern origin in 1975 in Washington DC as a cultural and self help organization. The founders of Tegloma wanted an organization that would unite south-easterners and help promote cooperation and cultural awareness among the group. Over the years Tegloma grew in membership and strength and the succeeding leaders decided to open the organization to all Sierra Leoneans who needed assistance and who needed to feel at home away from home. Today, Tegloma has Sierra Leonean members from all across the country, though the majority of the membership is still f…

A Spectacular Tegloma Convention

The 2013 Tegloma Mini-Convention held this year in Saint Louis, Missouri will be a tough one to beat. Tegloma Missouri Chapter is the penultimate member of the Tegloma Federation, having being inaugurated as a chapter barely three years ago. So when they volunteered to host the Tegloma International Mini-Convention; congregate, lodge and feed members of Tegloma world wide, consisting of 24 chapters in USA, UK, Canada, Gambia and Sierra Leone, many members of the Tegloma federation were skeptical about their ability to successfully conduct the event, but they did it and in doing so they exceeded all expectations by far.

Tegloma Missouri Chapter under the leadership of Chapter Chief Gerald Brewah from Sierra Leone and Chapter Board Chairman Rev. Dr. John Loum from the Gambia with immense assistance from the members of their chapter manifested to the whole world that organizational membership is not about quantity, but essentially about quality.

From the moment we entered Missouri drivi…