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Calling Sherman's Bluff: The Highly Educated Joseph

Joseph Sherman, now we all know that you are getting a PhD in 2013. Congratulations and good for you. You also have a bachelors degree and double masters, way to go! What an impressive set of academic credentials for a sycophant. If only we would now know the universities you got these credentials from it would be all the more helpful to President Koroma, whenever he ever decides to elevate you from the position of a roving sycophant to that of a government agent, as your very frustrated piece, which has somehow miraculously disappeared from your site seemed to indicate.

Sherman if the Sierra Leone Peoples Party ever needed a spokesperson they have many and fortunately for you, I am not one of them. Thinking that you can cunningly link your highly inappropriate article begging for a job to SLPP, as a ploy to divert attention from your shameful public pleading  for a position in the Sierra Leone government, does not fly with even the children in your household and they won't with …

Is Sierra Leone Being Dumbified?

"So They want us to think stupid, so they want us to do," Rodney Winston aka Burning Spear

"Dumbification" is not a standard English word, but it is used in informal urban English to mean "The dumbing down of the human intelligence"  That is the only way I can describe what is currently going on in my country Sierra Leone. I will take the liberty of helping to define dumbification as a deliberate attempt to make the people of a society appear unintelligent, a conscience attempt to take dumb ideas and make the people believe it is fact. Some of the statements coming from public officials in Sierra Leone sound almost like a deliberate attempt to dumbify the people.

Some of us in November 2012  opposed President Koroma's candidacy as was our democratic right. However, I really did not consciously attempt to read and analyze the contents of his political manifesto, the glorious Agenda for Prosperity. So one of these days I sat down with a fine tooth comb …

Oscar Pictorious Granted Bail

After two tense hours this morning the Olympic and Paralympic superstar Oscar Pistorious has been granted bail in a South African court in the shooting death of his aspiring model girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. Even though the presiding Chief Magistrate Desmond Nair stated that he had a lot of problems with Oscar Pictorious' account of the events of that fateful night, he did not see him as a flight risk because of his international face and name recognition.

Pistorious, a double amputee who had caused much controversy by being allowed to run on a special set of prosthetic legs at the past Summer Olympics in London, had shot his 21 year old lawyer and aspiring model girlfriend four times through a closed bathroom door, claiming that he thought an intruder had been in the house.

Due to South Africa's high crime rate, most affluent citizens are allowed to own guns for self protection. A country with a history of racial tensions and past racial injustice, a lot of people in the cou…

Sierra Leone Political Updates: Joseph Sherman's Baboon Buttocks

APC's Joseph Sherman, one of the ubiquitous loyal attack dogs of the current APC administration of President Ernest Koroma seems to be going through some tormenting mid life crisis, and he is not a happy man.

 Joseph Sherman came to light and vigor after the appointment of Cocorioko blogger Rev. Kabbs Kanu as Minister Plenipotentiary in charge of rebranding Sierra Leone. Sherman saw an opportunity like this in the future and he dove into blog journalism with fanatic passion.

Sherman, an unrepentant admirer of the political clergyman took the rebranding program seriously. Starting with the poorly written APC Times he soon opened his own propaganda online portal, The Salone Monitor in which he constantly glorified President Koroma and vilified the political opposition. As one of Kabbs Kanu's journalistic apostles, Sherman literally interpreted rebranding to mean going after opposition politicians and independent or pro-opposition journalists with reckless abandon. One of the ma…

The Annie Walsh Crisis-News From the Homeland

There is something going on in Sierra Leone today that is very unfortunate. This small and potentially affluent West African country that was once a magnet for West Africans in the immediate post colonial period, now seems to be mired in one self induced crisis or controversy after another. The sad problem is that in Sierra Leone today, every single decision made in the country that affects more than 25 people is now made on the basis of political expediency. No longer are decisions made on the basis of careful systematic review or made following the prescribed steps of private or public decision making, but is made on the basis of political convenience, pitting one group against another, with very little room for cultured dialogue.

 Even decisions that should have very little to do with politics are influenced by the never ending, mostly unnecessary press releases from State House, and the decision to relocate Annie Walsh Memorial School, the premier female secondary school in the c…