Friday, July 27, 2012

Sierra Leone at the 2012 Summer Olympic Games

Ola Isata Sesay Flying the Sierra Leone Flag
Earlier today, at exactly 2226 GMT Sierra Leone's track and field star Ola Isata Sesay entered the Olympic Stadium leading a two man team in the 2012 parade, proudly bearing the flag of Sierra Leone. Smiling, waving, and appearing a model of Sierra Leone beauty, she made the Sierra Leoneans in the crowd go wild with euphoria and pure unadulterated joy.

Sierra Leone was only able to send two athletes to the 2012 summer Olympic games in East London, in spite of the fact that US Athletic sensations Jeneba Tarmoh and Ibrahim Kabia (Juice) and many other popular athletes in the USA are all descended from the diamond rich West African country.
Ibrahim Turay

Sierra Leone is being represented at the 2012 East London Summer Olympic games by 200 meter sprinter Ibrahim Turay and long jumper Ola Isata Sesay. Both athletes were accommodated by the British town of Hastings in respect of the twinning arrangement between the town and the Freetown suburb of Hastings in Sierra Leone.

Sierra Leone has never won a medal in the Olympic games and though a two man team is a long shot, we will keep on praying and keep our eyes on the pride of our nation.

Ola Smiling at the crowd

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