Thursday, March 8, 2012

Honorable Fallay Continues to Langish in Kenema Jail

Honorable Robin Fallay
In a blatant show of disregard for the people of Kailahun district, the township of Segbwema and the parliament of Sierra Leone, the Kenema police have upon instructions from the All people's Congress [APC] hierarchy decided to again keep the sitting member of Parliament for Kailahun constituency 7, the Rt. Hon. Robin Fallay in indefinite detention, locked up like a common petty criminal in the stinking cells of a Kenema jail.

Thinking about Njaluahun
Reports from Segbwema state that Honorable Fallay, who was arrested in Kenema on March 6th, 2012 is being held in very deplorable conditions. When the opposition Sierra Leone People's Party initially requested his release, Kenema police stated that he was being held to obtain report from him. Later today they claimed to be holding him for protective custody. The alleged 10 underage girls the MP was accused of trying to register have been released on bail.

Even the idea that a sitting member of the highest law making body in the country can be treated like a common criminal  by the executive of the country, shows the utter contempt and disregard the APC party has for the parliament of Sierra Leone. The fact that Sierra Leone parliamentarians allow this wanton disregard of their prestige and authority to occur in silence, manifests how little regard the entire parliamentary body have for each other and their institution as a whole.

The unfortunate fact is that with the exception of a few, and with the exception of the 60s and 70s, the Sierra Leone parliament has always been filled with mostly half baked political demagogues who were oftentimes elected on the basis of violence, nepotism, tribalism or outright vote rigging. This has over the years undermined the credibility and authority of this great body who are supposed to be the most powerful body in the country, but are today populated by bootlickers to the executive who have no idea what their functions are. If Parliamentarians around the world were ranked in order of effectiveness, the current Sierra Leone Parliament would rank only below Somalia, whose Parliamentarians are mostly refugees.

Earlier this morning, a large delegation  from Njaluahun,  chiefdom Kailahun district constituency 07 joined the SLPP eastern region chairman and other eastern region party brass to seek the realease of Hon. Fallay with the help of lawyers Bonopha and L. Bangura.  Their efforts have currently had no impact on APC officials who are bent on showing their authority and humiliating the people of the region.

Fallay having fun
Reports from the region indicate that there is talk that the honorable may be charged tomorrow. A leading SLPP officials with intimiate knowledge of the situation states that "  This is just another of the 99 tactics of the APC to distract the SLPP from the on-going registration in our strongholds. We will not relent. this gangster regime must be thrown out of office through the ballot box come November 17th this year."

Many argue that even if the allegations against the MP were true, his continued detention and humiliation is senseless, as he is a young sitting member of parliament who is beloved by his people and represents no flight risk. His people are ready to stand by him no matter what. This they argue is just a case of trying to use the MP to provoke prominent SLPP members like the current party Chairman John Benjamin and the former finance minister John Karimu who both happen to be from the area. It is also known that the vocal MP who briefly aspired for the party presidential candidacy, has been a thorn in the sides of the ruling APC who have been devising all ways to take him out.

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