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Rebecca Johnson for Vice Chair Tegloma Federation

Know Rebecca Johnson, your candidate for Federation Administration Vice Chair position

• Dedicated to Tegloma and the Sierra Leone community
• Creative in project management
• Committed to responsibility
• Innovative in ideas
• Respectful of people
• Fair and balanced in decision-making

I am dedicated and committed to Tegloma: I have attended all but one convention since joining Tegloma in 1999

Positions Held:
Minnesota Chapter:
• Vice President
• Board Representative
• Secretary General
• Assistant Secretary General
• Social Secretary
• Chair of the Welcome Committee

Tegloma Federation International:
• Secretary General, Board of Directors

• Over 15 years of legal experience –
• B.A. Degree in Paralegal Studies and Political Science from Hamline University
• M.A. Degree in Public Administration and Public Policy, Hamline University
• Sr. Administrative Specialist for a State Agency, State of Minnesota, for the past ten years
• Fundraising efforts for our annual Independence Da…

Memorial service for Sherry's mom

Sherry Rand's mother passed away on June 30th 2009. She is the partner of Mr. Lamin Jabbie, ex financial secretary and president of Tegloma Inc, Minnesota chapter.