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Sheku Kemo's Naming Ceremony

On Sunday 9th November 2008, a cross section of the Sierra Leone community here in Minnesota, Joined me and my family to carry out the traditional naming rites of our son Sheku Kemo Sheriff, who was born on October 23rd 2008 at St. John's Hospital in Saint Paul, the capital city of the great state of Minnesota.

The ceremony was carried out in accordance to the Islamic traditional rites for the naming of a male child, involving the sacrifice of a ram. Though he is born an American citizen, we intend to raise him to value both his American and African heritages.

We are extremely thankful to all those who took time of their busy schedules to join us in celebrating his birth and are especially grateful to those who helped us plan and implement the event. The value of kinship is made more meaningful when we all come together to celebrate such momentous events. I am especially grateful to Karmoh Lamin Jabbie for leading us through the religious rites and my family and friends for the good…

A Historic President

Tuesday November 4th 2008 will go down in history as the seismic day that America decided to turn its back on its sorry past, and embraced the future with one loud and resounding cry, CHANGE!!!!.

On this day, at exactly 10pm central time, most of the major networks announced Barack Obama as the newly elected, 44th President of the United States of America. After hearing earlier that night that Obama had carried the great state of Ohio, I had already started celebrating, secure in the knowledge that the final nail in the McCain-Palin coffin had been firmly struck. Barack Obama in January 2009 will becomes the first African American president of the greatest nation on earth, and the only ever black president in the West.

To truly appreciate the significance of this event, one only needs to look at the history of the black man in this country. Our black forefathers were stolen from Africa, bound in chains and brought to slave in the cotton and cane plantations of the Americas and Europe. M…