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Short War Jokes

1. Rebels met an old man and his son running from a village that had just been attacked. "Halt!" the rebels shouted to the two. We would let one of you go and shoot the oldest. The man looked at his stubborn son, turned to the rebels and said, "This is my son, but he is very old."

2. RUF rebels went to department of treasury, stole 7 computer monitors and distributed it to take home. In the evening one called the other and said, "my TV does not have a tuning knob." "Mine does not have work too," The other replied. They went to a TV repair shop, arrested the technician and told him to repair their TVs. "You idiots," the man thought to himself, "These are computer monitors." He did not dare say this aloud. He told them that these were advanced TVs that could only work in Nigeria. Believing him they left the monitors alone, as they wanted nothing to do with Nigerians.

3. Rebels went to a church on Goderich Street one Sunday and …

Trip To New Jersey

Earlier this month we were in New Jersey for the annual Tegloma Mini-Convention. This was of course my first trip to New Jersey, although I had the opportunity to pass through the Garden State on my way to Bridgeport, Connecticut sometime last year.

Although we had some glitches at the Newark Liberty International airport upon arrival, the whole program was generally well planned and executed. The details of the program I will not delve into as I have no legal authority to do so, the transmission of details falling under the authority of the Tegloma Federation executive. Generally though a new Federation Board was elected with Alhaji Mustapha replacing Chairman Saidu as the new Board Chairman.

The best thing about the occasion for me, not counting all the meeting resolutions, was hearing from the head of the NAACP in New Jersey and meeting friends I've not seen since our "bonga Kanda" days in Sierra Leone. I was glad to see friends from my Bo School, Wesley Segbwema and …

47th Independence Day Anniversary Celebrations in Minnesota

Sierra Leoneans in Minnesota decided to come together as a national group this year to celebrate the country's independence. This act of unity was as a result of the collaboration of the executives of all the various subgroups ; Tegloma, Sierrasota, SLAI, Sierra Leone Union, Kono Union and individuals to form the Sierra Leone Community in Minnesota (SLCM.) SLCM was formed out of the recognition that though there may be differences among Sierra Leoneans based on religious, ethnic, regional and political grounds, there are many more commonalities that tie Sierra Leoneans together.

Many members of this community realize that all Sierra Leoneans are one and the same, united by a common and genuine love for their country Sierra Sierra Leone. Some of us were born into mixed ethnic families and realize that diversity is an asset rather than a liability. All well meaning Sierra Leoneans in Minnesota have therefore resolved to always celebrate national activities together under the SLCM an…