Tegloma Rocks Brooklyn Park

Tegloma Minnesota chapter had our Christmas party yesterday. Every relevant Tegloma Minnesota chapter member was there with the few exception of those who were unable to attend due to job conflicts. The DJ was Banky and his performance was remarkable. Mr Hassan Kamara, the vice president, was our impromptu master of ceremonies. Mr. Sheku Sheriff, the secretary general introduced the president, Mrs Elizabeth Momoh. Mr Sheriff praised Mrs. Momoh for her dedication to the organization and her love for Sierra Leoneans in general. Under her leadership, Tegloma in Minnesota has become a driving force in propagating Sierra leonean unity and fostering goodwill among the small West African community here in the Twin Cities.
The President thanked all the attendees and all the members that had joined in 2007. She also expressed her gratitude to the old members and appealed to all Sierra leoneans to endeavor to belong to a national association. She thanked Mr. Jonathan Rose and all the pioneering executive of the Sierra Leone Community in Minnesota (SLCM) and especially recognised the roles of Mr. Hassan Kamara and Mrs. Rebecca Johnson, for being such good ambassadors of Tegloma.
The distinguished guests included Miss Bridget Saidu, former president of Wisconsin chapter and current Tegloma federation treasurer and Mr. Dennis Saidu, vice president Wisconsin chapter. There were numerous other guests that were recognised.
Mr. Joshua Murray emphasized the need for Sierra Leoneans in the diaspora to belong to an association. An appealed for those that were planning to do so to consider Tegloma. He also lauded the SLCM and talked about the necessity of Sierra Leonean organizations conglomerating. In a private interview with Mr. Denis Saidu (VP of Wisconsin chapter), he expressed how delighted he was to be with his Minnesota friends and commended the executive and all members of the chapter for their impressive dedication and their invaluable contributions towards the ideals and goals of Tegloma. As a way of appreciation, he pledged to always grace their functions and render his assistance in whatever capacity he may be needed.



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