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Tribute to Lucky Dube

Thursday October 18 2007 will be a sad day in African history, as it was the day that the prophetic African reggae superstar Lucky Dube was senselessly gunned down on the streets of Johannesburg in an apparent car jacking attempt. I did a night shift the previous night, came home, warmed some small food and sat on my computer to read African news, went to BBC news African page and was hit by the news that left me numb for the whole of the day. There are very few instances in my life in which I have felt so much hurt as on that day.

My experience with Lucky Dube started when I was a young "O" level graduate from Segbwema, doing sixth form work in Sierra Leone Grammar School. Adjusting from the rural communal life in Eastern Sierra leone to the individualistic commercial life of urban Freetown was particularly hard as my sister Massah Kanneh, who had been the shoulder I had leaned on all my life had relocated to British Guyana on a UN assignment. My only solace those days was …