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Tegloma Washington DC Fulfilling Childhood Dreams

For many children of hardworking immigrant parents in America, some with barely enough time for even a short vacation, the thought of making a trip to Disney World often remains just an unfulfilled dream.

This week however, for the children of the members of the  Tegloma Washington DC Chapter, the dream of a trip to Disney World just became a reality,  thanks to tenacity of the very hardworking President and Chief of their chapter, the dynamic Rosaline Bangura. 
Rosaline is just into her second term as Chief of the Washington DC chapter, having won the chapter election last month unopposed.

In an organization in which there is a struggle to recruit younger members, Rosaline is the youngest leader and also the leader of the first and largest chapter.

Rosaline's "go get it" style has occasionally put her at odds with some of the more traditional minded members of the organization, especially those at the federation level, who are busy trying to sabotage her leadership of …