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Sierra Leone Political Updates: APC Parliamentary Vocabulary

Politics in Sierra Leone is now in full swing. Both of the major parties, the Sierra Leone Peoples Party and the All Peoples Congress, have taken turns at being in opposition and government over the past two decades. 
Currently, SLPP, the party that brought Independence to Sierra Leone is back in power after ten years in opposition and APC, the party that brought the one party system that led to the civil war in Sierra Leone is back in opposition, this time through the power of the ballot. 
Due to a lot of political shenanigans of the last regime,  involving the creation of new districts and constituencies under the immediate past president Ernest Bai Koroma, APC has more seats in Parliament than any other party.  This being the case, many in the country have been expecting a very formidable opposition to the new government, as two new parties, the National Grand Coalition, led by political newcomer Dr. Kandeh K. Yumkella and the coalition for change, led by erstwhile APC Vice Presid…