Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Mohamed Bangura and the Sierra Leone Constitution

I listened to Mohamed Bangura, the SLPP turned PMDC, turned UDM, turned APC spokesman and truly, he sounded like a born joker trying to be serious. This very bloke who just a year ago was threatening to block social media in Sierra Leone is now preaching the virtues of the Constitution to others.

Honestly, APC members shouting about respecting the constitution of Sierra Leone is like a pickpocket preaching the Ten Commandments in church and skipping the line about, "Thou shalt not steal."

When APC was in power, they deprived lawfully elected politicians from their seats in parliament, stating they were paid from the consolidated fund. APC members created a legal loophole to get rid of the Parliamentary speaker, removed the Vice President by trickery, appointed the same Mohamed Bangura with bogus educational certificates, even though they had  allegedly removed Sam Sumana for doing the same.

APC even arrested our SLPP member of Parliament for Kailahun Constitution 007, Robin Faley, on a trumped up charge of false voter registration, locked him up and forced him to switch to the APC party, dropped the case, awarded him the APC symbol to contest in the same constituency and the made him deputy National Campaign Manager.

In the last election members of the APC could not even vote for their own presidential candidate in a democracy, but had that choice made for them in communist fashion by the then President Koroma, who also appointed himself chairman and leader of the party for life.

APC calling on others to respect the Constitution leaves on to ask the question; did APC even know that Sierra Leone had a Constitution? Were they not crying "more time" even when the Sierra Leone Constitution imposed term limits? Did President Koroma not say if he wanted more time he would do so and nobody would stop him, in blatant disrespect of the constitution?

Was this not the same APC that locked up respected opposition and political activist Allie Kabba, a Muslim, on charges of bigamy?

Mr. Bangura we know you are a born opportunist and a charlatan. But please stop talking about the Sierra Leone Constitution. It's a joke to you.

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